In pregnancy many questions and with them we hear “truths” that have become popular and we assume as certain. That's why I want to tell some of the myths of pregnancy that perhaps you did not know that they were just that: myth

The shape of the belly shows which is the sex of the baby or the heart rate

Many people say that if the womb is in tip will be born a child, and if you are rounded to be born a girl. Until the day of today there is no kind of evidence that the shape of the belly, or the roundness of the face, or the heart rate determine the sex of the baby. The best way to learn about sex is through an ultrasound.

If you suffer from from heartburn is because the baby has so much hair

The cause of heartburn is hormonal, and physiological, and is not related to anything with the amount of hair your baby is born.

Eating for two in pregnancy

The food should be healthy and balanced, climbing a lot of weight can be harmful to the baby. So this popular belief is absolutely wrong and can put at risk your health and the health of the baby.

You should not do exercises during pregnancy

On the contrary; exercise during pregnancy helps to maintain a good physical condition, to be prepared for labor and a better recovery after childbirth.

If you take a lot of liquid in the pregnancy you run the risk of increasing the amniotic fluid.

The amount of amniotic fluid is not dependent on the liquid that take the pregnant woman. Drinking water is very healthy; contributes to healthy kidney function and prevent constipation. It is ideal to consume about 8 glasses daily of liquid, so do not be afraid to hydrate and get into the pregnancy.

Smoking a few cigarettes is not harmful to the baby

Smoking has negative effects on the placenta and the baby, is proven. Can cause low fetal weight, in utero growth retardation, premature births, among other alterations.

You must not have sexual intercourse during pregnancy

There is no medical reason to abstain from sex during pregnancy. Sex doesn't harm the baby, even can be recommended because that will help the woman to exercise the muscles of the perineum.

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