Fatherhood is one of the most enriching experiences that you can live a person. Both man and woman feels a change of life and how to face the world. But what is the least important link of the father?

The evidence shows that those who have had a parent involved in parenting have fewer behavior problems, less conflict with the law, less economic vulnerability, better cognitive development, better school performance and less stress during adulthood (Sarkadi, Kristiansson, Oberklaid, and Bremberg, 2008).

The bond of father
  • The bond of a father with his sons and daughters begins to form from the pregnancy. Experiences such as participation in the controls, workshops prenatal ultrasounds and reinforce the construction of this link.
  • What is most needed by your child) at this stage, is that the mom to be healthy, to be in environments free of tobacco smoke, without alcohol, without stress and with good treatment.
You can do the Dad:
  • Seeks to build a direct relationship with your baby from the pregnancy. How?:
    Talk to him, sing to him, put music, feels his movements, etc
  • Assists the controls, workshops, and ultrasounds. You can listen to the heartbeat of your baby, to see him on the screen during the ultrasound and know the care they need to develop optimally.
  • If for some reason you can not attend to any control, ask your partner how he is developing the pregnancy, what was discussed, and in the control, and how you can support it.
  • Prepares in conjunction with your partner that they will need to bring to the hospital the day of delivery. Make a list of clothing, implements, and documents to bring.
  • Participate with your partner in the workshops prenatal and in the “guided Visit to the maternity” to know the place of the birth of your baby. Consultation with the health team on this activity.

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