At the time of knowing the news of the pregnancy, we are filled with happiness and we want to shout it from the four winds, I'm going to be a mom! Then you realize that you are not alone, that within you is the most important person in your life, but how do you tell it? We definitely want to do it in a creative way and that the moment will be magical.

Then we're going to give you a few tips for you to give the news a different way:
  • Make a video: If you live far from your family, you can encourage your partner to make a video to express how much that strange and there you reveal the big news you're Going to be a dad! So you capture her emotion in live and take advantage of and surprise your family also.
  • Hello to paps!: After some thinking, we came to the conclusion that something super-simple, it can be something very special. When your partner wakes up yells hello to dad! Insurance will give you a little bit of fear, and perhaps do not understand much what you said until you are fully awake, but never forget those good days, I assure you.
  • A special gift: If you are one of those who always wanted to make a joke to your partner, this is your chance! Use a box of your video game console, favorite and fill it with baby items or only from the ultrasound, maybe this will bother a little by the bad time, but when you discover what it really is you will be very happy, I assure you.
  • Spend some time quality with the: hosts a dinner, not something very elaborate you can order pizza or sushi for delivery, only for him not to be aware of what frames and while you're at your day, work or any other thing you can ask her what you showed her the ultrasound that my doctor gave me? Insurance at the beginning you won't understand much, but you help him. a little.
  • Send him a text message: For many your partner is your best friend and has no problem in sending things a little risqué or out of context, it is for this reason that we can think of that you can send the results of the pregnancy test through a photo and say something like For the first time was not an infection! Part of surprise, we will be able to notice if your partner is really someone thorough as to read the entire report.
We hope that these ideas will be of your help, and enjoy the best stage that a woman has The motherhood!

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