memoria de los bebés

It is important that as parents we know what things we should avoid for our children to have a proper development, and that in this way, to have the best tools to deal with their environment. In this context we show you 7 common mistakes that we can commit to the time of to stimulate the baby.

  1. Not sitting with support, if still he did not sit by if only. Not ahead of its processes, the parents often lay their children on cushions at an early age (Before 5 months), period in which your body is not prepared to maintain this position and losing the muscle activation in positions suitable to their age, consequently delaying the acquisition of sitting independently.

  2. Do not use a walker. This demonstrated that they are one of the main causes of domestic accidents in children, but also to generate, delay in the acquisition of the motion, independent and in the long term, causing structural alterations in the feet and legs.
  3. Do not use shoes. The shoes are plentiful in the period in which your child starts walking, and is developing the plant foot. The use of the shoe sole prevents the formation of the plantar arch of the child, losing the estabilizad when you are barefoot and remain so in the future child who must use templates. It is advisable that the shoes are for protect your foot when you are away from home, but on the inside of this, use sock, slip resistant shoes, without a rigid sole or best way barefoot.
  4. Don't back down when your child is about to catch up to you. When our children are in their first steps, the potatoes tend to attract their children to walk to his meeting, but when it is already about to achieve this, the adult backs off and backs off to let the child walk more distance. This causes frustration, so the child will avoid to repeat the action and will not be of your liking.
  5. Not make them walk with arms taken up. If we want our children to learn to walk, Who walks with her arms up?, No one. The correct way to assist you is by taking it under the armpits or at the level of your pelvis. We currently have on the market with a harness to learn how to walk, we recommend the use of this, to maintain the correct posture of the adult, and teach to walk your child safely and correctly.
  1. Do not overstimulate. Generally, parents to encourage use of the majority of toys and stuff that they have at their disposal, but that is not the idea, children lose concentration and do not know to which stimulus to direct the attention, you should choose an object of interest and play with only that. It is important to emphasize that the object of interest does not necessarily have to be a toy, there may be something more simple to call your attention, and that is the tool that should be used.
  2. Not the mobile in the heights. The mobile children tend to match them to one of the two sides of the crib, and at a considerable distance from the children, losing this toy its usefulness. The mobile must be located in the center of the cradle, and at a distance where your son can try to touch it, this way we will be preventing postural abnormalities at the level of the neck and stimulating the scope of objects in order to subsequently take them.Kinesiology specialists in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Obstetric.
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