Choose a suitable name for your baby can be one of the most complex tasks since you find that in your womb there is life. And is that the choice of this will be something that your son or daughter to carry with you for your entire life, that is why you must consider to avoid names which are prohibited for baby.
The variants for the decision have to do with many factors, such as: family tradition, the fashion in the place that you reside, the mixture of two names, or any type of reason that represents something important to you.
However, in thinking about this important decision, we face the challenge that, beyond personal taste, does not offend the dignity of our baby today and in the future with their peers.

What do we mean exactly with this name banned?

Names offensive, extravagant, and pass to carry the dignity of the child. In this regard, countries such as Spain, Chile and Argentina have taken the lead in regulating and caring for the dignity of the small.
As well, minors are protected if the name that you choose your parents does not conform to the established rules, taking care of this way that during his life, is not the subject of teasing due to a poor choice on the part of their parents.
There are names that these, by themselves, do not constitute any problem, but next to his last name, or your second name, you can easily transform a reason of mockery.

What kind of names should I choose?

You mentioned a few to give you an idea and pay attention, for it not to happen to you and do not make the fatal error of putting it together, which phonetically could be a disaster:
  • Susana Oria
  • Soila Bristle
  • Aquiles Bailo
  • Marcia Ana
  • Armando Casas
  • Debora Melo
  • Elba Zurita
  • Light Red
  • Alan Brito
  • Elba Lazo
  • Etc...
We could go on, and although it sounds very funny to read, unfortunately, there are people that carry the names of that style, and must spend much of their time giving explanations and being objects of laughter.
Even if in your country this is not standards-compliant and do not have names banned, it would be good to devote the time that corresponds to this important decision and always watch for the sake of both physical and psychological of the baby that comes in his way.
We want you to make the best decision, and for this we help you with our full search facility of names and meanings for your baby's name.

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