• Getting children to sleep and make it possible to match the dream, is one of the most difficult tasks for parents.
  • While earlier the age at which the young begin with habits and routines before bedtime, the results will be more successfuls.

It is proven by experts that the growth, development and learning of children, are provided with a good level of rest. However, not all are associated with good sleep. And is that while earlier the age at which parents begin to facilitate the installation of habits, the results will be more profound and long-lasting.

The main thing is to see sleep as a a habit that we must work persistently every day, looking for the way to install routines that encourage the children to live healthy and natural way, sharing this vision with the various members of the family and being “persistent”.

The Director of Educational Programs of the gardens Vitamin, María Luisa Orellana, us delivery 7 recommendations for getting children to sleep better:

1.-Set times A good idea is to set up schedules for the activities leading up to the dream, that is to say, it is clear that there is a time for playing, eating and bathing, among other activities.

2.-Prepare the environment: Before going to sleep is necessary to maintain an environment of serenity and decrease the level of light to create a scenario more subdued. So they will sleep more relaxed.

3.-Down the pace- it Is critical to decrease the activity an hour before bedtime and avoid receiving stimuli direct to the tv, video games, or computer time, during this period.

4.-Prepare the bed: it Is important for kids to see their bed as a place to sleep and to interact only with the times of tranquility and rest. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid recreational activities and hectic in this space.

5.-Importance of a bathroom: A bath before they go to bed it will also help you to relax and prepare for sleep. This will be more effective if you do them a little massage.

6.-Read before sleep: it Is beneficial to read a story accompanied by some member of the family and opportunities to “play read” to themselves, for after turning off the light and sleep until the next day.

7.-Choose a special object: A stuffed animal, a “tuto”, or other item that is special to the child, can promote the conciliation of the dream in a context of time and spaces secure and stable, at the time of turning off the light.

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