Cares for the teeth of your children When it is advisable to make the first visit to the dentist? The answer will surprise you.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, in Chile the oral diseases are the most common of the chronic diseases, becoming an important public health problem. In fact, 16.8% of children under 2 years of age already have cavities, prevalent this disease to almost 100% in the adult population.

When is it advisable to make the first visit to the dentist? The answer is as soon AS POSSIBLE. There is a certain age, but if there are events “dental” they do that at a certain age it is essential the dental check-up. The holiday period is ideal for a visit to the dentist because it has more time to plan treatments and prepare the teeth for the summer which is generally accompanied by many sweets and changes in the habit of washing teeth.

Dentists we see not only the teeth. To short ages, we can evaluate the growth and development of the bones of the face; particularly of the bones that make up the bite; of the facial muscles, and joints among other things.

And is that a younger age is easier to correct “bite” problems that, with the passage of time, become impossible to correct. For example, for the 4 years we can see that a child has growth altered and that large is going to be “papiche”, therefore, at that age, we can guide the growth through special devices and to avoid this bad bite that not only has functional problems and aesthetic, if not psychological to a teenager. In terms of prevention, the first visit to the dentist is a key moment to avoid problems in the future, hence the importance of making a child's dental management timely, and although for many it can be a torture.

A year of life, children already have (in several cases) all the teeth in the mouth and is the ideal consultation for parents to learn how to wash their teeth to their children. At 4 years of age, children should already be done they wash with counseling of the parents. It is also necessary to perform an instruction of oral hygiene and the sealing of their teeth to avoid cavities and gum problems.

The 6 years begins the change of teeth and along with their new palettes rabbit, it appears the first molar final that is located behind the baby molars. We must take the child to the dentist, without fail, to seal these molars because at this young age children do not brush your teeth well and there is a risk to end up with cavities.

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