Discussions on relationships are very common, but when it forms a family, you must think about the consequences of arguing in front of children. When the discussions become prevalent in the partner, these come to cause emotional disorders in the small, Provoking them, self-esteem issues and anxiety.

Also, this type of discussion can affect the child from a sociological standpoint, as in the majority of cases, they adopt the aggressive behaviors they perceive in the family environment, and put them in addition to a feeling of insecurity and making them individualistic, introverted, resentful or depressive. The conflicts within the home are likely to leave permanent traces in your subconscious and affect them for life.

However, it is quite usual that there are discussions of couples, even when parents become sufficiently wary to avoid them in front of the children, once we have all faced this situation, it is recommended to talk with the children and explain to them in a reasonable manner and subtle for what happened, they'll understand.
It is important that the child does not feel free of the mutual affection of their parents and that their parents have towards him. The children should be taught that problems are solved with intelligence and not with violence.

The most appropriate in these cases is to find a place where they can clarify the differences, trying to speak so slowly and always looking for a solution. If both are altered, it is best to withdraw, calm down and later try to resolve the conflict, thinking before that nothing in the welfare and stability of the children and the home.

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