The modern woman is becoming more independent, hard-working, enterprising, but above all Mother. Even when the employment discrimination is a permanent reality faced by many pregnant women today, we show you which are the labor rights of pregnant women.

The companies based their arguments on the drawbacks that brings with it recruit or retain an employee in a state, for the costs that are generated assume the prepartum and postpartum, including the rest or absences of a sudden that may cause discomfort in the area of work. It is for this reason that many women delay the time to be mothers.

However, and fortunately, there are Employment Rights and it is important to study them thoroughly. Despite the mobbing maternal, many women decide to become mothers. To avoid problems of any kind in the labor market, it is important to know those rights that are covered under the laws, rules and regulations of each country.
The first thing you should do is inform the company about the pregnancy in writing and incorporating medical report, there is an obligation to communicate to the company, but it is necessary to bring this type of situations through regular channels by using common sense and good labor relations. This will allow them to reach an agreement at your work area, to follow dismantlement without putting at risk the life and development of the baby.
Likewise, it is necessary to talk with the doctor about the position or position where you play to assess if it is compatible with the pregnancy or requires a change of position. If there is the possibility of risk during the pregnancy, the company is in the obligation to change, rotate, or provide the office or position they are running, without modifying the contract and much less the salary (in most of the countries of South America). Similarly, the company will respect the rest during the pregnancy and after the same.

There is that highlight that The rights of women pregnant, from the Declaration of Human Rights approved in 1948, and subsequent declarations and conventions the UN has adopted to emphasize the rights of women: Mexico D. F. (1975), Copenhagen (1980), Nairobi (1985) and Beijing (1995). Have prepared statements point to increase the commitment of the countries towards the protection of the rights of women. However, the rights of the woman and the pregnant woman depend on the level of commitment that show societies and governments in different parts of the world.
On the other hand, it is important to make reference to countries where situations of war hinder the protection to pregnant women, such is the case of Syria, Libya, Sudan, central African Republic. In the rest of the world are still working on the creation of new laws and strengthening existing ones to continue protecting the woman and the pregnant woman in the workplace.

Mexico: Here are 12 weeks of rest due to maternity, being 6 weeks before delivery and 6 weeks after childbirth with full pay. During the period of breastfeeding are entitled to two breaks a day during working hours.
Chile: The pregnant woman has a rest motherly that prevents the dismissal up to 1 year after delivery. The lactation can be extended up to 2 years of a child's right to two daily breaks of 30 minutes. And the low maternal distributed in 12 weeks after the birth and 42 days before the date of delivery.
Colombia: The pregnant woman has the right to 14 weeks of rest due to maternity. During the first 6 months of the baby and during breastfeeding, you can avail of 1 hour a day divided into two breaks of 30 minutes each. The dismissal of a pregnant woman is null and void if it occurs prior to 3 months after your return to work.
Argentina: The rest is on maternity leave is 90 days, being 30 days prior to delivery.
Venezuela: The maternity leave is 18 weeks, divided into 6 weeks before delivery and the rest after the birth of the baby. During the period of breastfeeding, the pregnant woman has the right to two daily breaks of 1 hour each, and may not be dismissed until 1 year after delivery.

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