My baby is already at home How should I care for it?

Giving birth is one of the most important experiences in the life of the women, however, what after that what do I do? How do I care for my baby? What if I don't do well? The mother should create a link to physical, mental, and spiritual with your baby, gradually you will learn to know each other and connect with each other. Each baby is unique, so care will depend on each one of them and each situation that arises. Oh quiet, you will do well!

When babies are born to be independent of the womb to adapt to a new world full of environmental challenges, physical and emotional that require special care during the first weeks of life. They need attention almost 24 hours a day, and even if it turns out to be quite tiring, parents iran learning continuously how to calm your baby's needs.

However, despite the fact that already the baby this in our physical environment, we must remember that it is vital to continue nurturing the contact with the baby. The heat and the sound of the maternal heart, will make you feel safe, as he was in the womb. It is necessary to provide the child with security, tranquility and peace, such as the one felt before birth, this way you will be more easy to adapt to this earthly world.

Tips for taking care of your baby

The bathroom: “do Not expect that dropping the belly button to bathe the baby,” explains the pediatrician Rosa Miranda. “Since the first days you can make your daily bathing (including the head), with warm water, without currents of air and with neutral soaps without detergents.

The belly: Should be cleaned at the base with a cotton impregnated with absolute alcohol after each diaper change, until 1 week after a fall. Must always be dry, without any sacred or bad smell.

The nails: There they keep them short so you don't get hurt.

At bedtime: The recommendation is that they should sleep either on back or side with the support of a small pillow, preferably on your right side because the stomach empties faster. There is that get good gas before going to bed. You must be careful for the baby not to be stifled by their parents, the ideal is to have your space and sleep in her crib.

At the time of Feeding

Cramps: they Are fairly common, especially when taken artificial feeding or formula industrial keep calm!!! applies massage abdominal, moves its legs, and tap on his back to expel gas. You can also apply a medication, provided that it has been recommended by the pediatrician.

Gas: After a feeding, it expels its gases giving pats on the back. You can do this by lifting up and recostando his head on the shoulder, or semi-seated on the legs, and sustained by the abdomen with the head down.

Important Note:

  • Medical check-up: first at 15 and 30 days, and then monthly up to one year.
  • Keep a * general cleaning in the house.
  • The baby's crying may be due to various causes (colic, hunger, loneliness, discomfort, etc).
  • Wash your clothes with mild soap that does not irritate it.
  • When you go out, protect it from the sun, mainly the head and face.

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