The ideal age to have children will depend on your work, goals and purposes you want to achieve before starting a family, but many times your body does not take into account any of these factors.

Many women want to live the stage of motherhood at an early age, and in this way to enjoy by a lot more time to their children, while other women focus on be performed professionally before becoming mothers. Both decisions are reasonable, that each person thinks, lives and acts according to their needs and priorities. There are women who grow up with the illusion of raising a family and other based their ideals on the financial stability.

But, really what is the best age to have children?

Currently, studies have shown that the average age for having children is between 20 and 35 years since that after age 35, the woman is six times more likely to suffer a complication during pregnancy or childbirth. Explains the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Unlike the years 1968, when the average age of conceiving were the 23.

A young mother will have more energy to raise a child. Also, there is less risk of complications in the pregnancy or the baby being born with any abnormality.

Mother talking with her newborn baby isolated on white background

But, it is worth noting that, nowadays, more women are to become mothers for the first time at the age of 40. This after obtaining professional life, economic stability, as well as greater experience and maturity to become mothers, are the main arguments in favor of postponing motherhood until the age of four decades. However, this age is not without factors against. To the 40 years the probability of staying in state naturally is only 5%. Another of the challenges of delaying motherhood is the likelihood of a miscarriage.

So you know, the best age to have babies is one in which you feel ready physically and emotionally, there is No hurry! No matter what your choice, bringing a baby into the world is the best of the experiences I live it!

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