Amamantar crea vínculos espirituales entre el bebé y la madre.

There is mainly to highlight the importance of breast milk or breastfeeding during the first months of the baby, this is the best complete food that exist for them, because it contains the nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals, hormones and components that you need to the small. Studies have shown that feeding the baby only with breast milk until three months of age, could prevent contracting respiratory diseases.

It is for this reason and considering the benefits of breastfeeding, that mothers think breastfeeding after giving birth, since the formulas artificial or child, does not provide children with the components of the vitamin needed during their first months of growth and development.

Likewise, knowing the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby, it is also necessary to emphasize the psychological advantages offered by the act between the mother and the newborn.

The importance of nursing lies in the motivation intimate, natural state and the sensation caused by such an experience, which justifies all the efforts and the time dedicated by the mother. The goal of these articles is to provide a realistic idea, simple and harmonic for the mother and the toddler can enjoy and benefit fully from this stage so special to the lives of both.

Feed the baby the natural way not only increases in the body of the mother's levels of prolactin (endogenous substances), but that becomes a transformative experience, to understand not just providing food, but you are creating a bond with the little one, and in this way you allow yourself to receive and enjoy him, this first stage of their life.

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