Everything you need to know about contractions

The uterus is an organ formed by a muscular tissue, therefore has contractile activity during the whole life (has nothing to do with labor contractions, and they happen to be light). Is formed by a layer of special muscle, called the myometrium, and as all the muscles of the body, has the ability to contract and relax although outside the antenatal period, this is not perceived by the woman.

This is one of the issues that is of concern mostly to first-time mothers will it hurt? How can I endure? What Pujaré the right way? And if I can't What?, are some of the questions that make new mothers. It is necessary to know that each mother perceived labor contractions differently, and the best way you know to cope with this time is to attend prenatal education classes or practicing gentle exercises of relaxation prior to the birth of the baby. In addition, avoiding physical efforts during pregnancy (fast walking, running, getting up abruptly, lifting heavy objects) and psychological (stress, arguments, nostalgia, sadness), you'll be able to avoid them ahead of time.

During the 30 weeks of pregnancy are manifested by two types of contractions:

The contractions of Alvarez, they are very soft and of great frequency.

Braxton Hicks contractions, which are presented in more intense and sporadic.

Labor contractions progressively increase, both in intensity and frequency: this is the sign that the cervix is starting to soften I Started labor! The working phase of labor begins when you reach three centimeters of dilation. Labor contractions occur at regular intervals, first every 20 minutes, and then, every quarter of an hour and, in the end, every 10 and 5 minutes. The pain we feel in the lower abdomen and in the lumbosacral region. Are these contractions which help the baby to be born. From the 25th week you can start to occur but with low intensity, however, it is necessary to go to the doctor to control them.

In due time, this painful work will become the best time of their lives!

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