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  • Causes of missed abortion
  • Risks to the mother
  • Try again after a miscarriage deferred
The interruption of a pregnancy is a painful situation that should slowly be overcome by the woman, both physically and psychologically. Know the various symptoms and causes of abortion deferred also called missed abortion.

Expert: Juan Valdivia, gyn Clinic German

Abortion deferred or withheld occurs when the fetus dies within the uterus of the woman, but the body holds the baby, the placenta and other products of the pregnancy for several weeks, that is to say, that the whole embryo is located in the interior of the uterine cavity and annexes embryonic.
The gynecologist of the Clinic German, John Victor, explains that in these cases it is not expelled naturally by the fetus, since the agency has not realized that the embryo died, it is for this reason that the placenta is still functioning.

This type of abortion is silent, many women fail to realize that your pregnancy will not come to term. It happens because in the absence of expulsion of the fetus there is no bleeding, even in some cases there is an absence of symptoms of pregnancy, this means that women do not feel nausea or pain in the mammary glands.
The only way to diagnose a missed abortion is through an ultrasound which will be able to verify the absence of heartbeat of the embryo.

The specialist Clinic German, ensures that the ideal is that the fetus is expelled spontaneously, but if this does not happen, can help you with drugs that cause dilation of the neck, and uterine contractions of the type misotrol, which the ob / gyn placed in the bottom of the sac of the vagina. However, in some cases, you must perform emptying by the size of the pregnancy, this procedure is performed in pavilion with anesthesia.

Causes of missed abortion

The doctor, John Victor, points out that there are several causes that occurs the missed abortion:

- The majority of the cases are by aneuploidias, that is to say, by the alteration in the number of - chromosomes at the moment of conception.
- For thrombophilias, which is a set of diseases that alter the coagulation.
- Infectious causes and unknown.

Risks to the mother

The abortion has higher risks to the health of the mother, since the fetus remains dead within the womb, this causes a severe impairment of coagulation, as the devitalized tissue consumed some substances that have to do with the control of coagulation, then there is a risk of causing a hemorrhage. However, there is no complication if the procedure is performed in a good hospital facility and by a professional team suitable.
On the contrary, if the procedure is performed with a lack of a sepsis or professional without any experience, the woman may have complications of infection and excessive bleeding that can cause death of the patient.
The gynecologist of the Clinic German claims that the only way to prevent abortions is deferred, will depend on the cause, for example if it is a genetic problem or if it is because of thrombophilia, in this case there is a treatment, which is performed with anticoagulants type heparin or aspirin.

Try again after a miscarriage deferred

There is No doubt that the loss of a baby is an episode sad for the woman, that is why it is necessary that you will make time to overcome the penalty and take the loss. Some women can not overcome it alone, and in need of psychological support.

The specialist of the Clinic German ensures that women who have suffered a missed abortion should wait at least 3 months before trying again to become pregnant so the body will have enough time for the uterine cavity to heal and the hormones of the menstrual cycle to return to normal.
The probability that the abortion deferred its recurrence is low, although not zero. In the hospitals we studied the abortions of repetition without apparent cause from the 3° and is called to those patients abortions usual.

To avoid any complication in the pregnancy it is advisable to go to all the medical tests to see the status of the baby. However, if you find something abnormal in your pregnancy, such as, for example, not to feel the baby's movements, does not have the typical symptoms of pregnancy or vaginal bleeding, you should go immediately where your gynecologist.

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