Currently, there are millions of women who without having a partner next to him to face life and any situation to bring their children forward. Mothers who are single.

It warriors! ¡Fighting! BRAVE!

Bringing a baby into the world is a great illusion for any mother, however, on the way problems can arise such as separation or rupture of the marriage, what leads them to raise and educate their children alone. Taking care of a child without the support or company of a partner can bring physical overload and emotional to the mother, it is not easy to assimilate, despite being many times a decision mature, thoughtful and reasonable. It is necessary that the single mom is aware of its capabilities but also its limitations, every beginning is difficult, but it is not impossible to take care of a child without the physical presence of his father.

Although today the single-parent families are increasingly common in our society, it is normal that the child ask for his father, don't despair! It is good to tell the truth, in the subtlest way possible, will depend on the education and values instilled, the child understands that his family is well and they are not the only ones in this same situation, either by choice or by circumstances outside our environment.

Generally, children need a father figure, but when you don't have it, appears the figure of some other male member of the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, older siblings), it is for this same reason, it becomes really important to explain in an understandable way to the children what the situation is or what is the same, to talk to you about single parent families You can do it!
Likewise, it is of vital importance to give them a balanced education, to fill them with love without Overprotect them, talk about values, to enforce standards, rules, limits. Remember that you have the ability, the right and the duty to do so. It depends on you which your child to be better every day.

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