With the arrival of the heat and the season of swimming pools, it is important to know what to do to minimize, and ideally eliminate, the risk of accidents and safety in swimming pools which, unfortunately due to their characteristics, most of the times can be deadly.

Immersion is the leading cause of death in male children between 5 and 14 years. Specialist in Risk Prevention of the U. of the Pacific, discusses the security measures more effective to enjoy the pool without accidents.

For the Head of the Race of Engineering in Risk Prevention of the University of the Pacific, Patrick Sepulveda, the first thing to be clear is that “accidents are not due to bad luck or to chance, but to the causality, because every accident has one or more errors that generated an incident,” he explains.
In the second place, Sepulveda points out that accidents are always preventable, however, “the overall safety of a measure or product does not exist; this means that a measure of safety does not replace another, but must be added”, he says.
On that basis, the specialist stresses that the best measure of prevention and safety in the pools is always the permanent supervision by an adult, as a vital act. “The responsibility for the safety of a small child is not the child, will always be for adults. This is the best measure to avoid an accident, as in case of a problem, the adult can come to your aid immediately. The disadvantage is given by the fact that the adult cannot perform another activity,” he says.
Patrick Sepulveda argues that the surveillance should be greater in social gatherings, when there are groups of children bathing or playing without any kind of security in the pools. “In these cases may require a second adult to maintain constant visual contact on children in the pool area”, alert.
In that sense, the recommendations of the faculty of the University of the Pacific are clear: “do Not assume that someone else is watching a child; never leave a child in the pool without an adult and do not consider the swimming lessons protect your child from drowning”, he says.

Alternatives on the market for the security at the pools

As complementary measures to prevent accidents and to increase safety in the swimming pools, there are currently on the market a number of tools to increase security, which are analyzed by the expert in risk prevention of the University of the Pacific:

Floats and wings:

There is in the market a wide assortment of floats, but you must remember that these are toys, which in some cases can serve as a support for learn to swim, but in any case are a means to protect the life of a child by themselves. Should always be used in the company of an adult.

Life vest:

The life jacket must be of a suitable material, meaning that it is a vest of nylon, padding, polyethylene foam, and with fasteners of metal or plastic. However, will always require the supervision of a responsible adult.

Gates or fences around the perimeter:

These must be at least 80 cm in height and must have a separation between bars not higher than 12 cms. to not fit the head of a child. In addition, they must have a good insurance in the top of the access door, and ideally close automatic. However, it is not one hundred percent foolproof, so the child can find the way to break through it, or in a careless can an adult do not let either door closed.

Alarms of immersion:

This type of alarm works by detecting the waves produced in the water when you submerge an object greater than a certain amount of weight, ideally about 6 kilos. At that moment an alarm is triggered, which can be in the swimming pool and other more advanced within the house. The disadvantage of this type of security measure is the verification of the preventive maintenance of the device.

Bracelets security:

These bracelets special is put on the wrist of children and trigger an alarm when submerged. The problem is that they can be uncomfortable for children, who may try to take them out, which adds to the need for preventive maintenance of the device.

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