Today, the c-section, when it should be practiced is because it is considered that the procedure is more safe to solve the complications of the vaginal delivery and to maintain fetal well-being. There are many possible reasons for the cesarean delivery is the best option or the only viable. Sometimes, the caesarean section, when it should be practised the reasons are inexorable, that is to say, it is impossible to perform the vaginal delivery, but there are also reasons that can be related and that therefore only are risk factors that make it advisable to perform a cesarean section.

Some of the most important reasons that you must practice a c-section:

Reasons affecting the mother: in some cases there are situations in which a cesarean section is a clear benefit for the mother, faced with the option of a vaginal birth, for example, sick women of the heart are exposed to large risks in a vaginal birth. It can also be a c-section if there is a tumor in the cervix, or other place that you'd easily be able to step from the fetus to the outside, or when there is a disproportion is evident between the size of the head of the fetus and the pelvis of the mother.

When this is not the first birth and the mother has had previous c-sections or other surgical intervention in the uterus, can also be more convenient to take the baby by cesarean section, in order to avoid a possible rupture of the uterus.

Reasons that affect the baby: usually the reason for the c-section always this relationship with he drinks, there are many circumstances in which the vaginal birth poses a danger to the fetus, the most important are:

-Loss of fetal well-being: in some cases, the interior of the uterus is no longer a safe place, and as for he drinks, mainly because there is not enough oxygen and nutrients, in a vaginal birth this situation would worsen even more. The new technologies are better detected before these alterations, which lets you decide at any time if it is necessary to extract the baby from the fastest way that is the c-section.

-Breech presentation: although you can perform a vaginal delivery if your baby is breech, many doctors prefer to perform a cesarean and thus avoid the added risks that assumes a breech birth.

-Fetal malformations: in some occasions the baby's body is deformed and its passage through the vagina might be too complicated or impossible, thanks to ultrasound, we can observe these changes and perform a cesarean section to remove it.

-Low weight: it is very possible that a strike vaginal is traumatic for fetuses of less than 15 kilograms and that the cesarean section is the better option. However, it is still not known with certainty if this is so.

-Fetal deaths prior.

Reasons affecting the mother and the health of the baby: sometimes the c-section is beneficial, both for the mother as for him to drink. Some examples would be:

  • When not produced progress during labor, and this is prolonged for too long
  • In the case of the mother suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, severe liver problems...
  • Certain complications of pregnancy such as preeclampsia severe (pregnancy-induced hypertension)
  • Viral infections of the mother in the birth canal, which could affect the baby.
  • If the mother is portadera of the aids virus, can infect the baby during vaginal delivery.

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