Care medical that you receive the baby immediately after birth, are of vital importance, let us remember that when you come out of the womb, the baby undergoes changes of environmental and physiological to which it must adapt. The care that you should receive the newborn in the delivery room can't be overlooked, the first few minutes out of the womb of the mother are key moments.

Minutes after birth, the newborn should start the exercise of the breaths, and mold his circulatory system to maintain oxygen out of the uterus. Do it the right way, will depend on your genetic makeup and the care was within the uterus, in addition to the care that you receive at the time of birth.

Procedures immediate after the baby is born:

Basically, the first thing to do is to make sure the good body temperature of the baby, cut the cord, and place the child on the mother's breast, however, there are specific care and attention that we need to take into account attention mom!

Aspiration of secretions from nose and mouth: The doctor will suck in the mouth and nose to make breathing easier for the newborn. Not to breathe or not to do it the right way, measures shall be taken in resuscitation.

Cutting and ligation of the umbilical cord: The doctor must cut the umbilical cord, more or less 5 cm from baby's abdomen. Then, around the navel with a gauze dampened with alcohol. This makes the baby is no longer dependent on the placenta for nourishment of oxygen.

Careful with the temperature: The newborn is born wet because of the amniotic fluid. To prevent the loss of heat, it should dry the baby and use blankets warm or thick.

APGAR: The review of APGAR is a scoring system devised by Dr. Virginia Apgar (anesthetist), to assess the condition of the newborn at one minute and five minutes after birth. It's important to mom!

Prevention of the haemorrhagic syndrome of the newborn: To prevent complications in the delivery room, placed the newborn an im injection of 1 mg of vitamin K.

It is necessary to highlight that, whether it be births, natural or cesarean, one of the most important moments both for the mother and for the newborn, is to place it in the chest of the mom for this to feel its heat. During the first few hours after birth, most babies are kept awake, this situation will allow parents and family to connect with the baby while he begins to adapt to the outside world.

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