It is one of the essential accessories in the cage of the newborn. While it is true that the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends that you avoid it during the first few days of life, in this way do not inhibit breastfeeding, as once it is established such food is advisable to use the pacifier to calm the baby and provide security.

What are the advantages of the use of the pacifier?

Since the babies are born, they feel a need for sucking non-nutritive, thanks to it, learn to coordinate breathing and swallowing, in addition to stimulate the muscles of the face and contribute to the proper development of the mouth. This natural instinct of suction also allows them to find comfort and relax. To soothe and reassure the baby there are several techniques such as: skin-to-skin, breastfeeding without milk or use a pacifier.

If he drinks you feel any discomfort of affection, the same and the body heat of the parent may not be enough and the feeling of anxiety increases or your baby can't sleep, in these cases, the pacifier becomes a necessary accessory.

The pacifier also has an analgesic effect in those babies that suffer from colic of the infant thanks to that suction effect, which gives them calm, and that makes them release tension. The nipple prevents the tongue will go back and obstruct the airway, the use of a pacifier significantly reduces the risk of sudden death during the first year of life of the baby.

How to choose the best pacifier?

Already having a clear conception of the advantages and the use that can give the binky, we take into account that the same should be perfectly adapted to the mouth, favours the natural position of the tongue and exert a uniform pressure around the palate that prevent the deformations of the mouth.

Correct use of the pacifier

After you know the main advantages of this useful ally we should use it with conscience as each baby is different and as such not all have the same needs. It is not that he drinks is spend the day sucking your pacifier, it is best to use it only when necessary, such as at bedtime or in moments of acute discomfort and begin to remove it gradually from 24 months of life and a definitive way to 36 months.

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