When you're a parent, you always think give the best to your baby to develop their skills and capabilities, psychomotor skills, but after the time pass and the time comes for your child to learn to walk, we analyse the use of the walker, if it is advisable or not and why.

There are many parents who think their children need to move with something to keep them until they are able to move by themselves. Among the many gadgets we can find the walker, which is a kind of cage with a seat in the that he baby sits down or stands up, touching the ground and gradually begins to scroll.

There are parents expressed that their children are doing well with the walker and there are those who say that do not, since they curve the legs or that makes them bad on the back, and for this reason many parents ask the question if the use of the walker, if it is advisable or not and why?

The main reason that discourages the use of the walker is because it can cause accidents, as babies begin to walk aimlessly without having much sense of what they are doing, this normally happens close to the 12-14 months, however it is not very advisable to give a walker a baby because there are already or are about to do it alone.

The walker is usually provided to infants 7-10 months, since that is the age at which babies they want to be on your feet all day and do strength to get up and it is here where the parent thinks that the walker is the best choice for your children start to move alone, however you have to be very aware that is not recommended, because babies at that age have no notion of what they do and can get to dangerous sites, to touch things, pull the tablecloths or even harm themselves with objects, that if were not for the walker to not know.

According to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, and walker is the second leading cause of accidents in children who are in their second half of life. A study conducted in a French hospital revealed that a large percentage of children with head injury, visited between 2003 and 2005 had been in an accident with the walker.

The walker does not teach or help to walk, for this reason it is not advisable, since in addition to dangerous, the walker has another negative point, a study in Ireland concluded that children who used a walker had more difficulties to develop gait and other motor activities, probably because they were learning to walk, developing some muscles, but not others that are the that serve to maintain the balance.

Parallel to this, it is not advisable to walker for the reason that he drinks is accustomed to be always erect and they jump off the stage live in the soil that is where they learn to creep out, crawl, spin, and do dozens of movements for themselves, thus developing their muscles in a way that is harmonious and learning to move as they know their bodies, and the tactile sensations that the same offers to them.

In conclusion, the use of the walker, if it is advisable or not, and because the answer would be that it is not advisable, not because it generates any harm to the baby but by the risks it entails, the walker is not a site where you leave an infant while the adult is going to do anything, but a place that must be constantly monitored, to be used, it must be for a little while a day, however, if your baby spends a lot of time on it will be missing the key element of their psychomotor development, the ground.

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