Music to stimulate babies during pregnancy has been one of the most important recommendations of the doctors. According to recent studies, babies have contact with the outside world, they hear, see, eat, and even feel pain or discomfort within the uterus. The stimuli are of great help to your development in the womb as from the third month the baby begins to react to them.

Touch: it is recommended that you do massages in the belly and talk to your son. Since the baby is in the womb already have a reflex of apprehension. Touch is the first sense to develop. Around the seventh week

Taste: The smell and taste are developed from the sixth week. The taste is very developed from week 12 will start to differentiate by what you eat.

The ear: hearing develops after 28 weeks, perceived in addition to vibrational stimuli.
The early stimulation helps to give the baby confidence and relaxation will linger until after the birth. You can stimulate the baby from the womb with sounds, movement, vibration, and light.

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