Even if you do not feel the baby within, or have hormonal changes, the father can also live the pregnancy and especially make it more happy to your partner.

Almost all pregnant it is reassuring for them so much that your partner accompany you during pregnancy and childbirth. The presence of the companion instills confidence and security when it comes to the expected time of being a mother; but for this aid to be more effective, it is very important that the future dad know all the needs of the woman and know how to act.

1. Attend the courses of preparation for childbirth and talks about breastfeeding: pregnancy always moves emotions and not all are positive. At the beginning the joy mixed with nerves that produces the arrival of the small. And as you near your delivery date can appear tensions arising from tiredness or nerves.
Therefore, it is very important for the parent to meet the physical, psychological and social that are experienced moms-to-be. Thus, the man can understand why his partner “is now so often”, “why don't you get excited like me,” etc., They should also freely express their feelings and address their concerns to assume his new fatherhood.
2. Makes artistic photos of the pregnant woman she make you feel pretty and attractive and he will serve as a practice to get the best shots when the baby arrives. To have a memory of the changes that happen to your body throughout pregnancy usually like the majority of women.
3. Pamper the mom-to-be: a bonus for a massage, a walk on the beach, a weekend at a spa or a romantic candlelit dinner to celebrate a timeout so special.
4. Talk with the baby. For very ridiculous that you feel talking with a pot belly, the child listens to you and will be happy to hear that voice at birth and the mother will feel very calm to see that the parenting is going to be a thing of two.
5. Count the kicks that gives the baby, to play to identify the parts of the body or keep a record of its growth according to the ultrasound.
6. Take a stroll around a toy store and discover the latest. Oh being a parent is the best excuse to buy our favorite games!
7. Never saying phrases such as: "how fat you're getting!", "I had forgotten that you're pregnant" or "why do you want to accompany you to the gynecologist?". Do not forget that the pregnant woman can have emotional changes with unpredictable and that this kind of jokes almost never make you grace.
8. Cooking, washing, ironing or cleaning, fill the freezer of delicious dishes for postpartum, sort the baby's clothes, preparing the cards of birth, or learn of a time to clean the bathroom. It's all worth it!
9. Accompany her in the delivery. All the studies indicate the importance of the couple is present at the time of delivery (as long as the relationship is good) to give support and confidence to the mother. If the father has been trained for this moment, it will be a chaperone to take an active role in directing the breaths, giving a massage or dedicate words of encouragement and affection to the woman.
10. Organize the home some years Ago, the mother came home with the baby and the women of the family were all for her just to work on breastfeeding. Now the reality is quite different, and the dad should be put at the front of many domestic issues that it raises before giving birth: Who is going to clean up? Do we need help? What are we going to eat? How are we going to organize the visits of family and friends? How can we arrange to have a few minutes a day of dialog a couple? How to tell us, exhausted and without time, that we want?

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