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  • Today, the pedagogical model is oriented to avoid physical punishment
  • Physical punishment also has consequences on the self-esteem of the child

When a child performs a behavior, or behavior that the parents are not considered to be appropriate tend to punish the small, amonestándole, sadden depriving you of something you like or in the worst cases using physical violence.

Many people think that a slap on the ass, a handshake or a tap on the head is not physical violence, but this is a mistake. We think that before an inappropriate behavior of an adult we reacted by giving a few stripes, it's something completely out of place right? Why then it is possible to see naturally that some parents hit their children?

Today, the pedagogical model is oriented to avoid physical punishment

The excuse is usually that the children do not know to reason as adults, this is a point of view very questionable. You can't use your mental capacity to justify violence, what happens then with people with disabilities? Any theory would teach them beaten.

What you need to do is put in their place and start to value those behaviors that are punished might not have deserved such treatment. May the child come to play with us while we watch a television programme doesn't merit a cry of rejection, nor is it just that your attempt to put the table, with just a broken glass, keep you from seeing your series of drawings favorite, and still less to be punished with blows.

Despite the belief that children do not reason what is certain is that not reason to be the biggest, but they are very capable of understanding what behaviors are right and wrong, which hurt the feelings of others and that behavior is accepted. By word and example you will learn how to behave without it being necessary to lift the hand.

What they don't understand children is why an attitude deserves a smack, as normally the parents who react with violence with your children do not have a lot of criteria to distinguish between some actions and others. The child is unable to take any learning, just know that if you do it will be punished, so if you are good is not because you have learned how to not hurt feelings or to do what is right, only do what you ask him for fear of suffering pain.

Physical punishment also has consequences on the self-esteem of the child

It is obvious that this is not the best way to learn, children who suffer physical violence, grow and develop with a fear that it undermines their trust and confidence. And something very important, they learn that this is the way they relate with the people that matter to you. If your parents stuck together, because you want to and for your own good, of course those are the weapons that are used in your daily life. His behavior with the rest of the children will be violent, and will cause its gradual rejection. The child will have no other weapons to function in life and the violence governed its actions by creating a pattern of behavior that if not corrected will affect your adult life.

Physical punishment, in addition to the damage the body will causing gradually a great psychological damage. A child of the person who should love and protect you abuses you, you are going to have a series of sequels which in many cases will require specialized care.

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