In this article you will find:
  • Sash-dream Dream Belt
  • Bra ‘antiarruguitas’
  • Sound system prenatal
  • Jeans Maternity
  • Necklace breastfeeding
  • Ultrasound of a baby 4D
  • Moisturizing treatment
  • Coach of the pelvic floor
  • Binder pregnancy for a Supermom
  • Poncho perfect for winter
  • Breastfeeding cushion
Gifts for pregnant women, perfect for gift giving on special dates such as Christmas or three Kings, for his meets, for good news or for the sake of it, because she deserves it.
We sometimes doubt about what to give to a pregnant and ended up opting for baby products: a body, a baberito, a blanket... But during pregnancy mothers need to feel more loved and cared for than ever before, so the ideas that we leave you below are perfect for making, of a detail of the future mom, the best gift one could wish for.

Sash-dream Dream Belt

Dream Belt is a belt that improves the comfort of moms-to-be while they rest. It is ergonomic and specially designed to adapt to each stage of your pregnancy, composed of a central part made of soft fabric and elastic that maintains the belly and 2 pockets-elastic memory foam in order to respect their morphology. With that subject, you will find a position nice and comfortable in bed to fall asleep with serenity.


Bra ‘antiarrugas’

With the pregnancy, the breast increases and suffers a lot after the delivery and breastfeeding, this bra is specially designed to prevent and correct the formation of wrinkles on the neckline and, in addition, it prevents the gradual fall of the chest, it perfect for the mom-to-be!


Sound system prenatal

The system listens to prenantal or fetal monitor allows you to, from 28 weeks until 40 weeks of gestation approximately, listening to the heartbeat and the kicks of the baby, in addition, allows you to record these sounds and play them after and send them to the expectant grandparents, or uncles, it is a best gift!


Jeans Maternity

Who does not used the jeans regularly? They are a versatile garment that allows to dress more fixed or casual depending on the accessories that you add to them, so giving away a few jeans to the pregnant woman is a perfect idea, I will very much match!


Necklace breastfeeding

This necklace is perfect for moms-to-be because you'll use it a lot when the baby is born. Why? because it allows the infant to the goal mouth, nibble or drool without any kind of problem due to the materials used, and above are precious! In addition, these necklaces are easily washed with soap and water and even dishwasher safe; both the necklace, as the cord tends to repel water and dry immediately. You can also cool the collar to the fridge in the hot months, so the accounts will be on their own providing the baby a greater relief when you begin to come in the little teeth.


Ultrasound of a baby 4D

Dads-to-be don't stop imagining how will be their baby, who they look like, how is her smile... With a 4D ultrasound you will discover all this and will listen to your beats, you will see how he laughs, plays within the belly, yawns or sucks on a finger. A unique moment which you can also share with your family and friends.


Moisturizing treatment

A good moisturizer for the face is essential in the day-to-day of the pregnant woman.
The skin should always be hydrated but during pregnancy it becomes very important, that's why a good moisturizer is always a great idea for a gift, and this you will love it!


Coach of the pelvic floor

Regular practice of Kegel exercises helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, toning and strengthening the muscle "pubocoxigeo", from the inside towards the outside, reducing the discomfort of back, regaining control of the bladder, and even improve the sexual life, but why are especially important during pregnancy? They strengthen the birth canal and help to a speedy recovery after giving birth. This trainer for the pelvic floor is a monitor of Kegel exercises that encourages you to compete against a same, perfect!


Binder pregnancy for a Supermom

This agenda for pregnant women combines the functionality of day-to-day, with space to write down appointments or things to report, with the emotions that you will experience at this stage, allowing the future mom you can refer to them whenever you want in a nice binder. A perfect gift for those moms who love to write.


Poncho perfect for winter

To many pregnant women have difficulty finding warm clothes for the cold months, a poncho like this will be the ultimate solution to keep the heat in in the winter months.
With a modern design will be beautiful and last!


Breastfeeding cushion

The cushions of lactation are comfortable, soft and a true delight when comfort speak to you, let that up to a not pregnant I would like to have one of this as gift.
The cushion of the image, in addition, can be used in addition to or part of the belt of dream Dream Belt, to relieve the back to be thrown or sitting; also allows you to have a better position to be cast aside and it can also be used to elevate the legs and stimulate the circulation sanguine, a common nuisance in pregnancy.


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