In this article you will find:

  • How to choose properly the toys for our children
  • General advice for purchasing toys depending on the age of the child
  • Play in family and educate for a responsible consumption

Everyone knows that the game is fun, although not always known that play is essential for childhood development. Through play, the child develops their motor skills, social, communication, memory, spatial orientation, creativity, and conflict resolution, among others, strengthening with all your personality.

Parents have a critical role in the onset, development and game development of their children, either by participating directly in them or by choosing those toys that will be car game for the child.

How to choose properly the toys for our children

We must think that it must be a means for the child's play, that is to say, it has serve you to your child development in a playful manner and fun. Nothing some objects classified as toys that do not serve to play (ex: stuffed animals or giant dolls mannequin).

The toy should be a tool for the child to sharpen your intelligence, will lead you to discover and above all, will awaken the desire to play.

We help of the following questions:

1. What do you play?. Observe the recommended age on the box of the toy

2. What do you like to play?. If you know what that calls attention to and concentrates you'll be able to get an idea of the toy that will be a success.

3. What other toys have already?. Choose those that extend the games that develops and / or complete which you prefer.

There are children who are bored despite having lots of toys in his room. An excessive amount of toys scattered attention on the game and create it difficult to decide what to play or to keep the concentration favoring that leave the activities without a finish, and little constancy.

4. What is the toy safe? Check that you do not have pieces that you can swallow, safety anchors, painting from later flaking, wires...etc., The batteries must be inaccessible to the child since they are highly dangerous.

It is necessary to be very careful because some manufacturers recommend ages lower than those that actually are appropriate for the toy. Additionally, always check to include the approval of the EC and that the instructions come in Spanish or in a co-official language.

When you acquire toys mobile with wheels have of purchased add-ons for your use (helmet, knee pads...etc)

5. How fun is the toy? The capabilities of the child should be stimulated in a pleasant way to generate feelings of small successes that strengthen the self-confidence.

The best toy is usually not the most expensive, but the one that best fits the personality and time of the child.

General advice for purchasing toys depending on the age of the child

Of or months to 1 year: that stimulate the senses, movement, and emotions

1 to 2 years: invite to tour the space, to relate facts cause-and-effect (banging, throwing, loading and unloading, stacking... etc.) and the imitation ( animals, dolls, telephones...etc)

2 to 6 years: for the outdoors (tricycles, buckles, balls...etc) and those that improve their manual activity (building towers, racing cars, useful for cooking...etc)

6 to 10 years: for the outdoors (bike, skate, sports equipment...etc.), board games, strategy, experimentation in the natural environment, building and manual work

10 to 14 years: sports equipment, games of strategy, including the computer, collectibles and complex constructions

Play in family and educate for a responsible consumption

The family is the first reference of the child, is the environment where you learn to feel loved and gets its security.

Take time to play with our children is a great investment in family communication and good personal development. In addition to the adult comes very well to draw once in a while, the child within which is so repressed by the responsibilities of age.

The toys have become one of the most publicized is that many times create needs and unrealistic attitudes capricious in children. It is important to teach them that you can not have everything, you have to choose, choose toys that are really more like him, to set priorities and limit the number of requests.

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