How to raise an introverted child, What father would not want his son to be a happy child and well-adjusted? We do our best in helping our children to be well-prepared to face life and be successful. We read books on parenting to learn the best strategies to educate our children and ask advice from our friends, family and even experts on the subject. However, sometimes the tips and advice that we receive does not take into account the fact that some children are introverts .

The children introverts are often mistaken for shy children, but being introverted and being shy are not the same . The parents can see that their child does not seem to socialize as most children do. Your child may prefer to spend time alone reading or in individual activities instead of seeking the company of other children. Wanting a child is well adapted, these parents may apply tips that can help shy children to be more sociable, but will not change the nature of an introverted child.

If you have a child you think is introverted, What are the best ways to help your child?

Understand introversion

The first thing to do is to make sure that you understand what it means to be an introvert. Understand what is will help a lot to know how to raise an introverted child. You can find out more common characteristics of introverts to help you see that some of the traits displayed by his son are pretty normal for introverts and there is nothing to worry about. For example, your child might prefer to spend time alone in his room with the door closed and not share her feelings with ease.

People often worry that a child who spends time alone and we don't talk about their feelings has some type of emotional disorder such as depression. It is true that such behavior may be a sign of depression, but in this case, what we seek are changes in patterns of behavior. Introversion is not a response to external influences; it is a personality trait. In other words, a child's sociable and expressive, which becomes withdrawn and quiet, it didn't become an introvert suddenly.

Probably is the concern about the emotional well-being that leads many parents (and teachers) to treat the introverted child to be more open and socialize more with other children. A list of traits of introverts is a good starting point to begin to understand introversion, but it is only a way to have a general idea. What we want is a deeper understanding of what it means to be an introvert. A detailed description of the traits of introverts can be very helpful. When you read the details about their social behavior and interaction, their emotions and their verbal expression, you will have a better idea of what it means to be an introvert and you'll have a better understanding of what is involved in raising an introverted child.

Respect the preferences of your child

Once you understand better what it means to be an introvert, you can better recognize the preferences of your child. And once you recognize the preferences of your child, you need to respect them. For example, introverts tend to have (and need) a few friends. If you see that your child only has one or two friends while you see other children have five or more, you might begin to worry about and that your child is having trouble socializing. It may be that you feel you need to encourage him to make more friends, to organize visits of their friends to play and invite many children to their home at one time. Might even try to talk with your child to know what is the problem.

However, if you understand that the children introverts are happy with just one or two friends and that the lack of a group of friends is not necessarily an indication of problems to socialize, then you may feel more comfortable with the preferences of your child. Force him to spend more time than he wants to with other children and try to pressure him to establish new relationships is not going to do more of an extrovert. It's going to take more energy and make you more irritable (which can make you think that you have reason to believe that you have problems!). Instead, you can let your child decide who you want to be their friends and how much time you want to spend with them.

Accept your child

Accept your child as he is, he shows that he loves you. Think about how it might feel to your child by responding to their behavior. You want what is best for him, so if you notice that your child is more reserved than what you think it should be, it is natural to feel that you should encourage him to make more friends and spend more time with them. However, if it makes you feel that his behavior is not normal, and you seem to be a problem, that's going to translate for him in a different way to what you want. May start to think that there is something wrong with him and may start to feel that does not love him because of that. Otherwise why would you want him to be something it is not?

We must remember that gifted children can be sensitive emotionally , so that what they feel is not always what we feel about them. We love you, but when we try to change them, it may seem that we don't like and they can interpret that as they don't love you. We need to let them know that appeal to us as much as we love you.

Support your child

When you can understand the introverted nature of your child, you may notice that others may be doing things that are not what is best for your child. For example, a teacher may tell you that your child has problems socializing because you don't enjoy working with other students in group activities. You could press your child to participate enthusiastically. This is a difficult situation because group work has become an integral part of the education. You want to support your child, but do not want to try to convince him that he recuse himself from participating in group tasks.

What you should do is help the teacher understand why your child does not enjoy group activities the way they do other children. The point is that you understand your child and help others to understand it. It may be that the children introverted may never be the life of the party, but still are really interesting!

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