• 3 boxes of jello to make strawberry flavor
  • 2 boxes of jello to make lime flavor or apple
  • 2 cans of bed condensed
  • 9 sheets of gelatin neutral
The gelatin can be a perfect dessert for Christmas. Continuing with our holiday recipes, these jellies are perfect for those copious dinner, and especially for the children, it will be your favorite dessert.


It is essential that the first thing you do is organize yourself and prepare a pot for each flavor of gelatin. Prepare a container large rectangle then place each layer of gelatin.
In a saucepan make the strawberry jelly, and once you have one, put it on the container rectangular.

Let it cool down.

We will now prepare the layer of white color which will be the condensed milk. Put it in a saucepan to heat, with the jellies-neutral and removed to avoid the formation of bubbles. Once we have the jelly, condensed milk, and the strawberry jelly that we have put in the container rectangular, is already cold, we put that second layer of condensed milk and leave it to cool.

Now prepare the gelatin, green color, choose either the lime flavor with lemon or apple, both will be delicious. Make the gelatin as directed on the package of the manufacturer, and once we have the layer of gelatins, sweetened condensed milk, then add the green jello.

We let everything cool down again.
Then we kept putting again another layer red, then white, green, white, red, white, green, white, 
and we finish with a last layer of red.

Leave it to cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours and serve our holiday jello just when we are going to take.

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