Making love during pregnancy has always been a controversial issue, because many women think that having sex while you are pregnant could harm their young in the womb, because that is an activity, something rough and very different to what you associate with the tranquility and delicacy that you must have with a baby, right? However, sex during pregnancy has many benefits and is safer than you think. Do you want to know some? I'll show you...

1 - Increases the defenses

Nothing worse than fishing a flu when you're pregnant, because you can't consume the most drugs and the only alternative is to tolerate the disease and do rest. However, the sex helps to keep the defences high, so that if your intimate with your partner more often during your pregnancy, sure you will run less risk of suffering from flu, colds or a stomach virus. What do you think?

2 - Improving your sleep and that of your baby

Sure you've already heard what you're feeling you are transmitted to your baby, right? And there is no doubt of that. Then, as the sex will leave you relaxed, also feel relaxed, your little one inside of you and, therefore, both will sleep better than ever. Oh sweet dreams!

3 - Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia

You may not have heard of this disease, but preeclampsia is often common in pregnant women and is associated with hypertension reduced during pregnancy, that is to say, to moms with high blood pressure, in addition to which is also associated with high levels of protein in the urine. And, do you know what is the “antidote”? The antibodies to the sperm of your partner. So nothing better than to have some intimacy without caring with a condom so as not to suffer from preeclampsia.

4 - The orgasms are better

Perhaps you're thinking: why don't you tell me before? Well, friend, it is never too late to start. Is that your sexual desire is intensified during the pregnancy and, even, many women have their first orgasm while pregnant. Oops news!

5 - Reduces the aches and pains of pregnancy

And speaking of orgasms... These are the people who release oxytocin, the hormone that removes the stress and that is known as the hormone aphrodisiac. Imagine! This hormone has shown that it is capable of increasing the tolerance to pain in more than 70 %. Now yes, there is no more pain. Great!

6 - speed up your recovery after childbirth

What woman does not dream that recovery after birth is faster? Is it that you are super sore, tired, you feel bad about yourself... it's A nightmare! But, do the amormientras you are pregnant, you will help to prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth, which makes you recover much faster. Better, impossible!

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