In this article you will find:
  • Amaya
  • Martina
  • Lucia
  • Valentina
  • Emma
  • Claudia
  • Carla
  • Mary
  • Irene
  • Isabella
  • Valeria
  • Daniela
  • Sofia
  • Elena
  • Marta
  • Alba
  • Paula
Do you have the dad in 2017? Do you expect a girl? If you're looking for an original name, short, simple, with a special meaning discover this selection of 17 names of girl who will cause a tendency in 2017.


Amaya is very popular in the Basque Country by the character of the knight Teodosio de Goñi. “Amaya or the basques in the seventh century” is the title of a novel by Francisco Navarro Villoslada (1877) tells the story of Euskadi in the beginning of the Reconquest.


Martina, name of girl from Martin, of Latin origin, and means “consecrated to or related to the god Mars”.


Lucia, name of girl of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “she who carries the light” or “that which is born of the light”, in reference to the girls who are born in the dawn.


The meaning of this name is closely related to the health, as it means, literally, “vigorous”, or courageous. This name has a Latin origin, its etymology comes from the term Valens.
The 14 of February is celebrated popularly on the Day of the Lovers (linked with Valentine's day) in the united States and their countries of influence in Latin America. For reasons not well-established, st. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, although it is suspected that her patronage is due to the coincidence of the date of his feast day with a pagan festival of fertility and love. The female name Valentina is due to the presence of several saints with this name in the onomastics christian.


Emma, name of girl-of-origin germanic, it means “Big”, “Strong”, “Huge”, “Powerful”.


Claudia, name of girl of Latin origin “Claudinus”, which means “One who limps” or “One who walks with difficulty”.


Carla is a name very popular in Spain, being in the rank of names used during the past year. The meaning of the name Carla is “The strong woman”, is a name that takes its origin from the German “Karl” and it is the female's name Carlos.


Mary, name of girl origin Hebrew “maryam”, its meaning is “the chosen”, “loved by God”.


Irene is a female name of Greek origin (Eirene). The meaning of Irene is: “having peace”.


Isabella, name of girl in form Italian of the name Elizabeth means “Promise of God”, “loves God”.


Valeria, name of girl of Latin origin, and its meaning is “healthy and courageous”.


Daniela, name of girl of Hebrew origin whose meaning is “that which God is your judge” or “Justice of God”.


Sophia, name of girl of Greek origin, and its meaning is “wisdom” or “the one who possesses wisdom”.


Elena is a female name of Latin origin. The meaning is “Torch, bright and brilliant.


Marta is a female name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Marta is “Lady”.


Dawn, name of girl of Latin origin, and means “Dawn”, “Sunrise”, “white and bright”, “the one who has been born with the first light of dawn”.


Paula, name of girl origin Latin “Paulus” and variant of Paola. It means “The smallest”, “small” or “That small”.

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