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  • Up to four months babies spend almost all the day sleeping
  • The routine is essential for babies: it promotes safety and the ability to predict what is going to happen

Teach baby to bed, sometimes, it is not easy and for this reason, parents tend to become overwhelmed, don't worry, since they do not know find the way that the small sleep the amount of hours needed, as well as at the right time... it Is true that on the subject of the dream child there is a lot of information, although each little one is different and parents have to be, the best remedy for the sleep of the baby above all, patience.

The first thing you need to understand is that small when they are born do not have a routine of sleep and that there is no difference between the day and the night for them, who do not know how to distinguish the times of day as adults do. In this way, will be for the parents to establish a routine or a series of behaviors that is repeated every day so that the babies will get used to it.

Up to four months babies spend almost all the day sleeping

Until they are four months old, they sleep a lot and basically just wake up when they are hungry and need to eat. In the meantime, you can take almost the whole day sleeping. But as of this month, since it will be necessary that will help them to organize their sleep, so to speak, and will have to follow a series of steps until the baby fall asleep placidly. It is true that, at the beginning parents you may not have found what he likes to his small but finally when they come, it will be easier to follow those guidelines for sleep each day.

It will be critical that you set a schedule, and that every day, in addition to follow the same steps, are done at the same time. Although the young do not know even what time it is, the fact that we follow this ritual with a fixed schedule yes that it will influence the time to get to sleep.

In this way, first it will be very useful to give a bath to that as well relax and enjoy this time with their parents. After you can help you also to get to sleep, that you give a massage all over the body with moisturizing cream suitable for babies. It will put your pajamas on, put on a clean diaper and you will be eating. Once you have these needs met, it will be time to take the child to the cunita, there to sing a lullaby, whisper beautiful words, to the time they give you cuddles and caresses. The environment will also be essential, as, should be quiet, with a nice temperature and with the light off or very dim.

The routine is essential for babies: it promotes safety and the ability to predict what is going to happen

If every day you repeat this routine, your baby will know that it is time to go to sleep, and, without doubt, the rhythm of sleep will stabilize. Even so, parents should take into account and think well what you want to get them used to it, that is to say, if you want to sleep with a pacifier or let him suck on your finger to sleep. Are examples of habits that the small shall adopt and that it will be difficult to stop doing it then. In this way, even if some night the baby doesn't follow this routine because you have some pain, whether it be gas or discomfort because it is coming out a tooth, for example, it will be important that, at the time in that is well, re-follow the same steps that have been established. So it is not going to break that kind of ritual of sleep.

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