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  • Can I travel during pregnancy?
  • Does traveling by plane is safe?
  • General recommendations for traveling pregnant
Pregnancy implies a long period of nine months in which it can arise easily the need to travel for work, family issues or personal. May also coincide with holiday season and be very appealing the idea of taking a break away from home. However, it is common to have doubts about the desirability of spending a few hours in the car or traveling by plane during pregnancy.
No, except for pregnancies enrolled with complications or risk.

The doctor, there will always be assess in each individual case whether or not to travel, in function of the evolution of each pregnancy particular. Generally, there is no risk for travel pregnant, taking into account some issues.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

In the first place, when deciding on the trip, you should take into account the period of gestation of the woman. During the first quarter, the most vulnerable, it is advisable to choose travel destinations nearby which result in the minimum stress for the mom. The nausea typical of this quarter may be accented with the trip although you can consult the doctor for us to prescribe any tablet if necessary.
The second trimester of gestation is the most suitable for travel, have already disappeared the uncomfortable symptoms and it still has not gained too much weight. In these months, the pregnancy is already well established and not presents both the risk of spontaneous abortion. Following some recommendations, is the best time to venture into more destinations to long.
The last months of pregnancy involve a lower agility of the woman, due to the growth of the fetus, the weight and tiredness that affect the mobility of the mom-to-be. In these months it is advisable to choose nearby destinations and safe in case you need medical attention.

Does traveling by plane is safe?

Yes, air travel is safe, in the same way that you do it by train or by car, although you should always consult the doctor who leads the process of pregnancy to check your convenience. In cases of pregnancy of risk, for example, it might be best to avoid flying for long periods of time because the flight crew is not trained to address obstetric emergencies.
In general, when it comes to travel relatively long, it is appropriate to respect the period of pregnancy of higher risk (first trimester), and weeks recommended maximum (varies from 32 to 35 depending on the airline). In the intermediate period, the pregnant woman can travel by air without involving any risk to the health of the fetus or the development of the pregnancy.

General recommendations for traveling pregnant

– Always consult a physician before making the trip.
– It is advisable to travel accompanied by if at any time you have any type of discomfort or problem.
– Bring all relevant documentation if we need to go to a doctor.
– Make frequent stops to walk, or get up to stretch your legs if you travel by plane or train.
– To adapt the safety belt, place it below your tummy.
– Drink lots of water and bring prepared snacks (sandwiches, fruits..etc).
– Avoid carbonated drinks.
– Do not load luggage.
– Comfortable clothing and footwear.
– In case of travel by plane or train, you should choose the aisle seat to be able to go to the toilet whenever needed.

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