Pregnancy, awaiting the arrival of the baby, the transformation of the woman's body as it grows your child in its interior, the increase of the belly... there Are many changes faced by a mother during the months prior to giving birth, but also in the post you have given birth, when you already have the small with her. The nine months of pregnancy serve to prepare for the birth and everything that will lead to the arrival of a new member to the family.

The changes in your body are usually very important for women and often generate some other disorder. Beyond gaining weight or feeling uncomfortable in the final stretch of the pregnancy clothes that may or may not get usually generate more of a headache to the moms-to-be. As it grows the baby inside the mother gains weight and note it as their clothing does not voucher, you can choose to buy another of any size top or clothing for pregnant women, which is more comfortable and can serve you for several months. In addition, in recent years, being pregnant does not imply to renounce to dress fashion.

And is that it is apparel with a short travel because they are small at the time that the belly is going to grow. So, in a few months you find yourself with the dilemma of what to do with them once you've given birth. This ends up being a problem for many mothers who do not know what to do with her, and you can end up storing it in a drawer as a memento of the nine months that she was pregnant.
We want to help you to not keep things that are not going to be useful and they occupy a space that, having a baby, sure that you is have free to store other things. The first thing that happens to us, once recovered the figure, or at least lost some size, is to save the clothing for pregnant women. It is not like when you lose kilos and feel a certain rejection to the clothes you were using before. You want to get rid of her because she is the reminder that before you had a figure you don't like, but the clothing for pregnant women symbolizes pregnancy and that is nice, so there's a certain tendency to save it, almost like a memory.


If you want to keep it as a reminder you are in your right, but it sure takes up a space that you need for other things. What I recommend is to save it if you plan to return to stay pregnant or whether you will make someone from your immediate environment, such as a sister or a friend. The clothing for pregnant women has very little use, so is very unlikely to be spent, so you can move from one woman to another in a perfect state of conservation.
If you have a woman close by that you plan on becoming pregnant, or that, even, it already is, sure he's grateful that you don't give it, as surely will happen with some clothing that your baby will almost as good as new and in a few months will not serve him.


If you don't have any pregnant to the view in your environment, the clothing for pregnant women can serve other women, especially women who have few resources. Several organizations are collecting clothing for the most disadvantaged and among the garments that are delivered a few times there are things pregnant, that fit your figure and belly as it grows, so are highly valued by them.
Before you toss those clothes that now are too big for consider hand them over to those who may require them. Groups which work with people with few resources, with mothers in situations of social exclusion or even to the nearest church insurance who are willing to receive this type of clothing. Do a little research because for sure that in your environment there are people who would want the clothes that you are not going to give you use.


The clothes of pregnant does not usually conform to the body of a woman who is not, even though it has gained some size. Fits to the belly and becomes more loose in this area and in the chest, so that even if you've gained some size with the pregnancy don't sit well with the clothing for pregnant women, you will be left with large, excessively loose.
If you are good at sewing you can fix and recycle any of the clothes that you used while pregnant, as is the case of dresses or coats, garments are often expensive, and you can still take advantage of the changes in your body after the birth. The pants usually have an elastic waistband, to go adapting to the belly as it grows, so it is much more difficult to fix and is not worth it.
The clothes that are elastic, or the t-shirts you can continue using them for exercise or to stay at home, especially if you want to lose weight after the birth and you expect that this process will last several months. It is a way to save on buying clothes until you reach your size permanently.

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