It is the first great celebration, and with it the most frequently asked question How can I organize my baby shower? It pays a lot of attention!

Important points to consider

  • Sex of the baby: if you already know ahead of time, it will be easier to choose the theme and the decor of the party, you can also guide your guests as to what gifts to bring for the baby. Now, if you still don't know what is going to be your little one, you can devise a thematic-neutral and adapted to both sexes all the details.
  • Number of guests: to make a party you should know how many people you wish to invite, you have to consider the capacity of the place where you want to make the celebration, if you have the necessary implements (service, chairs, tables, etc) and of course, if it is according to the planned budget.
  • Choice of venue: the venue where they perform must have good capacity and be appropriate in terms of comfort, air-conditioning, and other factors. If you're going to do in your house, take into account the number of guests to determine if you need more chairs or make more space, perhaps on the patio, installing an awning.
  • Decoration: generally the decoration is made on the basis of the sex of the baby, pink if you are a woman or blue if it is male, although you can choose the color you want if the above are not to your liking or if the sex of the baby is a surprise. In addition, your guests will appreciate that you can think of creative ideas or innovative out of the ordinary.
  • Invitations: can be plain, or with certain details that the tailor, as for example, in high relief. Keep in mind that it is important that the invitations for this party to do and a repartas 2 weeks before the celebration, and of a color ad hock.
  • Entertainment: With respect to the animation of the party you can take into account several alternatives, such as hiring someone, have a group of clowns, a puppet show and even a clinic clown, the options are varied and taste of the consumer. You can also ask your best friends or your mom to help you make 1 list of fun games according to the theme (contests, change diapers, give the bottle 1 of the present, to eat melted chocolate in the diaper, etc)
  • Food: the buffet is very important in a celebration of a feast day, therefore, more practical for this type of party is to put on the table all sorts of canapés and finger food in the form of items of baby, in addition to chocolates in the shape of bibs, bottles, diapers, etc
  • Gifts: Put a box for the gifts from the baby shower. It can be decorated according to the sex of the baby that is coming and have various drawings with designs for children. In addition, it must be large enough to fit all the gifts you'll receive. Place it in the entry so it can be seen by all the guests.

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