The baby's first bath in the sea eleven tips

Yesterday we talked about the baby's first bath in the pool and have asked us if it was also applicable to the beach. Although they are basically the same tips, to be a different environment, there are some nuances, so I'll also nine tips for baby's first bath in the sea is an experience to remember.

There are many parents who consider it mission impossible to go to the beach with a baby and dismiss it as a holiday destination, but others love the beach and have no drawback in going with a baby just months. And there is no problem with this, providing that they take the necessary steps.
In the first place, the preparation for going to the beach with the baby is greater, if possible, than that of the pool. The preliminaries until you have everything that you need to become eternal, so that simplifies our life and prevents the cart as far as possible.

The chlorinated water of the pools is more detrimental to the baby's skin that the sea water, therefore does not have to affect you. Anyway, test first if you can tolerate the salt. Although it is usually beneficial in case of eczema and dermatitis, and in some cases may be worse.

Essential to go to the beach with a baby: cream with sun protection if you have more than six months, hat, diaper, water, and ideally sunglasses.

Make it a time of day that you do not have hunger nor sleep. It has to be a fun experience for the baby and we don't want to be annoying. Preferably, for the early morning or late afternoon when the sun no longer hits as hard.

It also seeks to ensure that at the time of getting closer to the edge doesn't have kids running around or screaming that can get wet or splash the baby.

You must hold it very well at all times, not letting go even for a second, take float, sleeves, on top of a sleeping pad, inflatable or a small boat.

At the beginning, male only the feet. First with your hands and then tuck it little by little, only on the shore. Eye with the waves, can be very treacherous, so don't goals too.

Play with your baby in the sea. It is a very special moment to share with your child, so let's enjoy the bath! It is always a good resource to take advantage of the swaying of the waves to bridge together.

Don't extend the bathroom more than 10 minutes not to take cold or tired.

If at some point starts to cry, take it out of the water and try again later. It has to be a pleasurable experience, not a torture. If it goes bad, don't want to repeat.

When you move out of the water, have a towel to dry the baby. Dichloride with fresh water to remove the salt and re-dry it very well. Then turn the swimsuit and swim diapers for one new and dry clothes so that you do not irritate the skin nor catch cold.

I hope that with these tips your baby's first bath in the sea is an unforgettable experience and that you repeated a few times.

We have asked a lot, so in the next posts we will talk about at what age it is advisable to bathe the baby for the first time, whether in the pool or in the sea.

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