Read stories to the babies is one of the most recommended that you can do for them, because they listen to our voice, tonality, see pictures, know stories, their moral, and they end up loving the books. Is to help you learn to speak before you, provide them with more vocabulary and plant the seed of reading, where you can take all the knowledge they want to gain.

Recommended, unless at the end of the baby cry, and a lot, because it was finished by his favorite story. Then sure that just by doubting whether to read or not to read, because this baby goes to cry every time the story is finished.

The mother, of course, you can only do one thing to calm your baby: re-read the story. The baby looks at him surprised and full of curiosity, while listening. But then comes "The End" and again check to cry.

So you can drop in a loop forever in which the mother re-read the story again and again, making that the baby will like it more and more, and that, in consequence, to cry is also more and more, isn't it? Well, no. Sure the mother has other resources to calm the crying baby, that you re-read the story. If not, let me know.

At the end of the video, we can see that this also happens with the father even divided the image in four scenes for us to see different reactions at different times.

What a passion for reading!, think. And sure that many of you are now thinking, also, that your have never had so much curiosity for books and stories. Well, there is everything. There are children who enjoy a lot with them, there are children who do not both, and there are other, perhaps because at home the parents do not read either (the example does a lot), or because they simply have other interests, don't catch or a story or a book.

And how do you like to read?

Because, as I say, with the example, and with some more tips. If you manage that like it read, perfect. If not, well, nothing, as will periods of more tranquility, and curiosity at the yes get books.

To wake up a little these eager parents we need to:

Also read at home: that we see with books, the comments, seeing that we like to discover new stories and they explain things that we have learned.
Let them choose books: you choose them, you buy those who believe that they are going to be like.
That read with them-if you still do not, if they alone do not take a book to read it (I'm talking about children who already know how to read), can read with them (or for them). Enjoy the stories and will enjoy to spend a time with dad or mom.
To read in a quiet moment: the kids alternate moments of arousal with others of calm. If the child is jumping, running, playing, don't say "let's read", because sitting is going to endure ten seconds. Wait for him to sit and watch tv or do something quiet, and that will be a good time (and in any case, nor is it a "let's read", but a "would you like to read, or read?".

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