How to take a newborn?
The first time with your newborn baby is an experience unexplainable when we touch and feel for the first time is Unique! and as parents we want to enjoy it to the max, but what happens when we can't do it because it scares us a little the fact of mistreatment, by although it is not our intention?
It is understandable that at the time of wanting to take a newborn baby to do with delicacy, but in reality it should be done with firmness, since a baby has no strength to stand alone. It is important to clarify that taking a baby in arms is not something that we have to fear, it is only a matter of passing a security level, for you to feel at ease in the arms as it did in the womb of the mother, that's exactly why before you take it, you must look him in the eye for that through that gesture you transmit your confidence.
What should you remember when to take it? Your neck does not have enough strength to hold his head, so you should always keep your neck firm, in addition to this it is recommended to lay the baby in your arms, because in this position you allow it to rest.

How to hug a newborn
From the first day that the baby comes you feel the need to be cuddled, because you must feel the same warmth, protection and feeling of security after having left the womb of his mommy. Remember that the first moments with your baby are some of the most important since you have to create a bond important.
On the other hand the smell is one of the senses more developed babies, for that reason it is important that when you hug them you have a direct contact with your skin, as you will be able to recognize your smell and you will gain much more confidence.

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