The first few weeks after childbirth are probably one of the stages more complex and difficult in the life of a mother. It is a period of adaptation in which you now need to adjust your pace and style of life so that you can adequately meet the needs of your new baby.

The postpartum period is certainly a stage that should be valued and respected, because it is the time in which our body recovers from all the changes that have occurred during the nine months of pregnancy and the birth of our children.
Regardless of that each woman lives her postpartum differently, the process by which all spent is the same and from my point of view it is a process that we ought to take with utmost seriousness that regularly gives.

The period of postpartum in the old days
Personally, despite the fact that being a mother is much more secure and has surely hundreds of advantages now as compared to decades or centuries earlier, we do have something to envy the mothers of ancient times in a particular detail: the time of postpartum free that they enjoyed.

Does low maternal short or conditional? Before that there was not because it wasn't necessary. Mothers brought and returned slowly to his life, adjusting to the new changes at their own pace, without pressure. Or at least that is how I like to think of it.

Currently a lot of women choose to work outside the home, some out of conviction, self and other because they feel that if they do not they are committing high treason to feminism and the rights for which both fought our ancestors.

But in the end, it somehow forces us to return to our jobs too soon and leaving our babies a few weeks old in day care with strange people, or if we have some luck, with the grandmother or any family member to us please. The care, rest and attention that we gave and we gave during the pregnancy, they seem to disappear at the moment they are born our children.

The importance of emotional and physical low maternal for moms

While it is a very important period for the baby as it requires all the care possible, it is also a time for mothers to adjust to their new lives and prevent maybe bring up the feeling of guilt to return quickly to work and leave their children or postpartum depression by not allowing adequate rest after the birth.

I'll be honest: when my daughter was born I didn't see it as well, still had the mentality of "having to go back to work" and was more concerned about that and take care of my newborn daughter that by rest or recover properly. Now years later, I realize that the time of the postpartum is a period that we must respect and appreciate, almost as if it were something sacred.

It is the time in which your body recovers from all the transformation he lived for nine months of pregnancy, in which he gave his life and was forming perfectly to your baby, and that culminates in the birth of this " small and helpless human being who now is completely your responsibility.

What we need to mothers during the postpartum
In addition to taking charge of your baby, you must take care of yourself, too Postpartum should be a time to heal, to meditate, to rest (of course, when you get a chance), to be alone with you and your baby, as well as to return little by little to feel that your body is yours, and accept that it is wonderful.

Postpartum should be a space where mothers can meet our baby and to recognise ourselves. Accept that we need help and asking for it is something that should not be frowned upon, but on the contrary, it is a smart option for do not allow you to step to the depression and be able to recover physically and emotionally in an adequate way.

How much time is enough?
When my daughter was born I felt as if someone had changed the body and now dwelt in that of another person. What were completely unknown to him, and although he valued what he had done, I didn't feel comfortable in it. He had to spend almost a year for me to come back to feel that that body was mine and it was the same, only it had changed.

Our bodies took 9 months to prepare for the big event. We can't wait to heal and close the delivery in just a couple of weeks.

For me, the quarantine as recovery time is not enough to return to feel "ourselves" after delivery. I think that it would be ideal to have at least between 8 and 12 months to be able to go back to having a normal rhythm of life. That is why it is important that we continue to fight and looking to have low maternal for a longer duration.

What can we do to take better advantage of the low maternal?
Important part of this period is to know to use it as best as possible, so that you can follow these tips:

Ask for privacy. Even though our family can't wait to know the newborn baby, talk with them and explain to them that we want to have space and privacy during this time is something we can do to make easier the process of adaptation.

Ignore the advice that is unsolicited. You become a mother and suddenly we all become experts in the field. The best thing that you can do without being maledict is to listen to them and at the end make the decision that best fits them to you. No one better than our own mother to know what he needs a baby.

Don't worry about the extra pounds or by looking flawless. Although cleaned up, it is definitely something that lifts the mood, if for some reason you don't have the time or energy does not get bogged down if you do not. There will be time to get rid of these new curves or, alternatively, to accept them and learn to love them.

Enjoy that time with your baby. This is the time that you can spend all day glued to your baby and no one can tell you anything. Seize every moment, enjoy every movement and that cute smell of a baby boy that only lasts the first few months. Embrace it, and enjoy it.

Whether you have a few weeks or several months to recover from the birth, is a time that will not return and that we must value, respect and take advantage of.

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