A journalist and new mother has humorously how was your first experience in a restaurant with your child do You feel identified?

“The first time we went with Gaston to a restaurant, I was a mom scary and he's a little of two months with cries of hysteria.
I did not know to decipher anything, their cries gave me dread, yes I said awesomeness, it was like a cat that were choking.
I don't know why but my only salvation was to put it in your egg out of the car and take it for a walk. Perhaps it has been because always I have calmed down with the rides in the car, in reality I am not so clear who was reassuring, if to me or to him.
That summer day we build value and we went with him to eat pizza as we have in the old days when we were just a couple with hunger, and the third member was non-existent even.
I think that was one of the things that dismay has caused me, from the minute of arriving only prayed for me that Gaston, with his two months of life, were comfortable and were of your liking that place.
Any movement or sound that could alter it provoked in me a scare, almost sacrilegious.
We sat down, made ourselves comfortable to that mini to be as smoothly as possible and we ask for the menu... Wow, a break absolutely deserved and hoping not to move a pin in that local.
They began to bring us things, it seemed that battle won, when Gaston to jaw swing begins with its asymmetrical sounds of something that, crying was not, rather, shouts of a character abominable. Took air to continue the calvary while the people on the sides watching with gestures accusers and of pity.
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Right there is when it comes to the mind what that says to your mom “the babies always cry for something”...
What is that phrase culpable?Does this mean that the fault was mine? What a horrible feeling!!!
And in my inconsistency of new mother the only light at the end of the tunnel was to get to that baby, pay a bill, not consumed and removed which tsunami would come over in two seconds.
What a most traumatic experience! There was more than a simple and healthy dinner out, as it did every day in the “Era Before Gaston”.
Until today I do not understand why it is such a flight terrified and meaningless product of a being so tiny, mother newbie is the only thing that I prefer to think.
Three years have now passed since that unforgettable episode and Gaston continues to act like a naughty boy when we go out to eat, sorry, the happy ending does not exist, at least today I laugh and I try to finish my food.
Jump on top of the table, to put soy in everything that is imaginable from our table and the neighboring, put pepper on your food, mixing disgusting drinks, etc, make those outputs have their share of emotions are not to be expected.
It always saves, for a while at least, in a kind of torture age-old to hold still to your son, the wonderful “baby's chair” that you always find in restaurants.
The problem is that:
  • The hysteria takes over soon of them when they see children around them free and want to get off.
  • As in my case, when you have a child that is extremely high and bulky, do not fit.
In the end, it is a theme, a song more well, little talked about, but if you want my advice (even novice) only I can say “Just Breathe” have fun, laugh with them, relax to the extent that you can, as this will come the times which will take a coffee with you and not have to be worried of their folly, at least not the restaurant.”

Good luck!

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