The benefits of reading to children are a lot more powerful than we think. Our company it is reassuring for them and listen to our voice helps to reconcile better sleep, but there are many more advantages behind this simple habit.

Although there are parents who read to their children often and they enjoy it very much, it is seen as an activity more than moms, so for that you'll bother a little more, we will tell you three good reasons why parents should read stories to the children.

Improves the development of language

A recent study from Harvard University analyzed the same situation with dads and moms, and affirms that the benefits of reading are increased when it is dad who read stories to the children.

After a year of reading on the part of the parents evaluated the language of children and found a significant impact on the development of their language, more so than when lee's mom, and especially when we start to read before the age of two. They also found that the benefits are greater when it comes to girls.

Encourages the imagination of children

The way they interact in the reading is different in each one. While mothers tend to be more arranged at the time of reading, according to the same research, parents tend to be more unstructured.

The thread of the reading, the dads do questions more abstract that elicit responses more imaginative on the part of the children.

For example, "Oh, look, a ladder. Do you remember when I had that staircase in my truck?". Questions such as this encourages them to use their imagination, and cognitively is an experience more challenging.

Strengthen the link father-son

Story time is a golden opportunity that you have to share together for a few minutes a day and strengthen the bond with your children.

The reading is very beneficial from the cognitive point of view, to the development of the imagination and language acquisition, as we said before, but also from an emotional point of view. Fosters a complicity special with dad.

In this case it does not matter so much history that reads like a who reads it. The read aloud we shared moments with our children are of great emotional value. And if one day there is not want to read, it is also to invent stories, riddles, or counting confidences, the case is to share a bit with them.

Who reads stories at home: mom, dad, or both? The lack of time makes us go wasting this nice habit of reading to the children (only 13 percent of parents read stories to their children at night), but they deserve a recess of ten minutes in the family routine to enjoy this experience with the children.

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