The baby sleep is one of the issues of most concern to new parents. It is not for less, when it is estimated that in the first year of the baby, the parents lose more than 700 hours of sleep. The desperation of many of them has raised all sorts of products designed to help you sleep the little ones. From mobile with sound up to methods, books, and toys with apparent powers able to do to drop the children in the arms of Morpheus.

One of the latest news that is devastating is the Lulla Doll, a doll that all parents want to sleep their babies, what you will need for that on eBay been offered up to five times its value for it?

It has become a "best seller" in a few days. The wrist, of sweet aspect and smooth touch, it was created by a mother from Iceland, and includes a recording with the sound of the beating of the heart and the heart of a deep breath, which many compare her with the "Darth Vader".

They claim that these sounds help to stabilize the own beats of the heart and the breathing of the baby, helping you to take the dream more easily and to sleep for longer. Also, thanks to its fabric, the wrist can be impregnated with the smell of the parents to provide the baby with the greatest feeling of security.

Do you really need a doll to sleep the baby?

You need neither a book nor a doll, nor of pillows with fake heart beats, much less a method behaviorist that support letting a baby cry. The only thing that a baby needs to sleep comfortable and for a longer time is to be close to his mother, to feel your heat, your heartbeat and your breathing is true. To that, there is nothing capable of replacing it.

The baby sleep is not a problem to solve with dolls or cushions. It is an evolutionary process that there are that understand and accompany, do it more "friendly" to all the family to relax.

The creator of the Lulla Doll is convinced that there is no better place for the baby to the arms of their parents, but it has been conceived for those moments in which it is not possible that mom or dad are there to sleep to the baby.

The first production of 5 thousand dolls has already been sold and there are parents on the waiting list. For a doll that was advertised on eBay have arrived to offer you 350 dollars when the list price is 71 dollars.

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