What to do for your baby to sleep better

There are several ways to make sleeping babies, read what are the best positions for your child to be able to reconcile a deep sleep .

What sweet dreams?

The arrival of a baby marks a before and an after in all aspects of the life of the couple ,and the sleep is one of the most relevant. Thinking on going back to sleep placid and carefree all night is really a dream. Reality is not a nightmare, but it seems pretty. Anyway, there are techniques that can be put into practice to teach the baby to sleep. To sleep, to learn, as they learn to eat or walk.
Some babies are predictable in their schedule and in their reactions, while others behave more or less chaotic. The stage of crying and colic comes to an end to the

teeter month, and the majority of babies becomes something more regular. There may be situations of stress, minor illnesses, or other circumstances that alter the small, but at this age, the sleep of the night will be gone longer, while naps of the day will be increasingly short.
Babies who drink the breast may still be nursing several times during the night, especially in the critical moments, if they are sick or when they are growing faster. Those who take bottle usually sleep from 6 and up to 12 hours.

Sleeping positions

A decade ago the topic of sudden death caused controversy, so we stopped recommending infants sleeping face-down in spite of being the most comfortable position and that facilitates the development. Instead, many doctors recommend putting the children to bed mouth above, this being a position prone to that if the baby vomits, choking with the liquid is expelled, or on your side with a wedge, that security issue seems to be the most suitable position.
Lay your child keep in mind that if the mattress is rigid and does not exist any

 pillow, toy or blanket with which the baby can tangle or strangle, if he is lying down he will be able to turn your head from side to side to breathe.
It is very important that you feel comfortable with the position that you let your baby so you don't have the temptation to go to review it every five minutes, and for him to rest comfortably for several hours.

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