What to do if we want to have a baby Tips

A lot of talk about the preparations that a mother must do before you get pregnant, but the father must take care of yourself, then what to do if we want to have a baby. To avoid problems with conception or with the development of the pregnancy, the man shares 50% of the responsibility. The issues involved include genetics, history and lifestyle, among others.
In both cases, you should discuss the family history to detect potential diseases that can affect the baby. Using a DNA test, very simple, you can identify about 600 diseases that could have the baby.

This test should be done before you get pregnant.

Another important step is to contact a specialist before attempting conception, whether an andrologist, infectologist or gynecologist. These analysis will be performed to determine the fertility, among others.

With respect to what depend on 100% of man, there are factors related to the quality of the sperm and problems in the testicles, which will have to be controlled.
There are environmental factors that can affect the quality of the sperm as exposure to radiation or chemicals.

In addition, the doctor will recommend to change the habits of the couple. These changes may include abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, as well as exercise routines and weight management.
And not least important is the emotional readiness and economic. Before you try to have a baby the couple should ask themselves: are We prepared to be parents? Do I have the sufficient means to take care of the baby-related expenses?

Other suggestions on what to do if we want to have a baby are:
  • Take a balanced diet, free of defects harmful.
  • Have all vaccines up to date.
  • Ask the doctor if you are under a medical treatment.
  • Be in shape, consult using a nutritionist.
  • Keep your sexual life responsible and monogamous, because otherwise it could block the ducts of the male sexual organ.
  • Refrain from diet pills, anti-depressants or relaxants without first consulting a doctor.
  • Keep in mind that there are certain complications related to old age. For example, a pregnancy over the age of 45 in the woman, or with a couple about 45 years old, it could lead to Down syndrome, achondroplasia or neurofibromatosis.

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