Why Netflix and HBO should make discounts for the parents

This year 2017 has been the consolidation of Netflix (if you can call it in any way, because they say that there are very few Spanish homes have the service), and in addition the the arrival of HBO. Two channels of video-on-demand that are making the delights of many people, as they can watch movies and series when they have time, and not when broadcast on the tv.

The case is that we are many parents and mothers who have any of these services (I know of some that have both channels), and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I make a call for us to make some kind of offer or discounts, for the following reasons:
1. The series in us last months
Babies sleep a lot, and the children also... but they usually do it when we are awake and busy in other things, so that is usually not possible to take advantage of your dreams to see anything. So, when I finally decided to give her the "Play", there are a few minutes that we can see without end by closing the eyes, so that when we open we have already been mid-season view, but without having seen it.

We will, that two days ago I had to alert my wife that I had fallen asleep with the phone in the hand, with the hand over the head of my youngest son... we both had a Netflix near the eyes, but neither of the two what we were seeing.

2. We had a fatal viewing the catalog

We go on Netflix or HBO, we see that there are a lot of cool stuff to see, and we enter the anxiety, and the thousand curses... out there put something like "Add to my list", but it is absurd: the lists of four or five fathers and mothers saturation servers for both services, because we are going to add and never got to see them.

3. When you get to the second season already can't remember what happened in the first
Of course, you're seeing different series, you're leaving in the list that absurd, and when we finally get to see the second season of that series you saw years ago, already do not remember what I was going. A while ago I watched the first and the second Homeland. When hiring Netflix I was really happy because I could go on seeing it, but give me a stick awesome get to see it because I do not remember half of it. You would have to make a reviewed at least, and that would mean letting months, but years, other series.

4. We have to select very well what you are going to see

A bad choice could result in a loss of time of several weeks. I enjoyed as a dwarf with Daredevil, I entertained a lot of Jessica Jones, but Luke Cage seems to me a nonsense, of how bad it is (yes, I really like the series heroes). But I'm already 10 chapters and hey, I'm just what they begin, so there I go watching it, capacitors night after night, while the sleep overwhelms me, losing minutes of golden which you might be looking at the sixth of Game of Thrones.

But I don't have HBO, so we, the parents, a rebate or similar, to be safe. Netflix could take the best series (Stranger Things, drug Traffickers, etc), and HBO (Game of Thrones, The Wire, Westworld, etc).

So, dear television channels on-demand so many joys to give us, think a bit on the parents exhausted that we can only see a couple of seasons of the year and that the rest of the time we can only spend to see what is the catalog so when someone tells us how good is one or another series, we blow the title and we can say that "Oh, ok, since I put it in the queue that for that I need half-life".

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