Willow, a novel breast pump, wireless with which you can extract milk in any time and place

How many mothers we have not struggled to continue breastfeeding once you return to work? Sometimes even though you have the best intentions, when you become a mother and return to the work arise from various factors that hinder us from making a lot of things and achieve successful breastfeeding seems to be so complicated that we get to the point of feeling defeated.

Now, thanks to Willow, a novel breast pump, wireless, continue breastfeeding will be much easier, as you will be able to extract the breast milk wherever and whenever, thanks to its modern design and discreet.

The problems faced by breastfeeding when you work outside the home

When my daughter was born, I had planned that the only thing they would receive during their first months of life outside my own milk. What better than to give my baby the most complete food to meet their needs as a newborn? But things don't always go as planned.

Various factors and issues influenced the decision of my daughter to start mixed feeding, but the bigger problem arose when I returned to work and could no longer be attached to her to breastfeed every time you would like.

Although I tried to pump milk with a breast pump I had bought, my production was low because in addition to the lack of counseling, the go and come from office to my house during my breastfeeding leave, didn't help. The time simply was very little and there were days that I definitely did not reach. The being down I was causing a lot of despair and stress terrible.

My place of work didn't help either. There was not a space where I could go to pump in private and I didn't think to get in the bathroom to get the food for my daughter (in addition to not being able to do it because it was electric breast and had no where to connect it). Sadly, the majority of women do not have what is necessary to continue breastfeeding once you return to our jobs.

That's why, as a mother who already went through this complicated process of breastfeeding and working outside the home, I am astonished and amazed of the new pumps which were presented this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The breast pump that gives you discretion and freedom of movement

Willow is a breast pump wireless that allows you to perform the extraction of milk whenever and wherever you are, without a doubt something that you will love working mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding when you return to your work.

This new product in addition to be small and discreet, has ergonomic shape, making it possible to place it underneath your bra to pump your milk while you do other things at work or at home. The milk extracted is poured directly into little bags BPA free that you can pour into a bottle or if you prefer, freeze them to always have available in your bank of milk.

The advantages that I see are so many because, although the operation of extraction is not very different from the pumps are traditional and there are others that work with batteries, you will end up with many problems such as:

Have to find a place in private to put in the pump and not find it.
Stop doing things or attending to the older children to have their hands full.
Wake the baby while you sleep with the noise of the breast pump (the one I had was very scandalous).
Being saddled with a bag extra for the office with all the accessories of the pump.
In addition, the operation of this pump includes the monitoring of the amount of ounces extracted through an application that you can install on your mobile phone. How cool is that? As a mom millennial I love that finally the technology also begin to focus on addressing the needs of mothers.

Surely it is a product worth having and that will completely change the way in which working mothers continue with their breastfeeding. Unfortunately, as all new product and revolucionador, it has a drawback: its cost of $429 dollars(most bags which are bought for each use) is quite high for the majority of mothers.

What do you think of this new pump? What you buy?

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