This is not the first pregnant woman that makes it, nor will it be the last, but it is the last that has become famous, and that has not transcended its identity.

This is a student who is three months pregnant, that after weeks of trying to find a job to move constants his studies, he thought he could try to earn some money by selling urine of pregnant and pregnancy test that had already tested positive.
Not make you rich, but it is already paying the university
The reality is that it is not a big deal; not going to make you rich by selling cans of urine for that then who the buy can make a test that gives a positive, or direct the tests, but for now, he is getting enough to go to constants studies.

As we read in The Republic, the young woman is from Jacksonville, Florida, and is selling "your products" through a portal of purchase-sale in which is announced as well:

I sell test positive for pregnancy or control my urine. I don't do questions. I'm three months pregnant and I offer a product for which the buyer may give a positive on a test, or you can use the urine for what you want.
If you use it to spend a joke or to blackmail the president of the company with which you're having an adventure... it gives Me the same what you do with it! (...) I'm not going to charge you more for the price of the pregnancy test, but you're also going to get little
Apparently, after looking for work unsuccessfully (three months pregnant no one wanted to hire), he learned of other women who had done something similar and decided to seize the opportunity.

Although the gains are very variable and never get the same money, says in the media that any day has managed to win up to $ 200.

But, who would want a positive test?

As you can see, there is a market. People who purchase the test, and people who buy the urine for it to be sent by messenger or even go to his house to look for it even when you do not live in your same city. What the goal? Well, you can imagine. In some cases it will be to spend some private joke, and in others to carry out some kind of blackmail.

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