Back-to-school and for some children, back to the breakfast insane, the buns in the recess and snacks loaded with added sugar, return to biscuits that really are not as healthy as it says the package is full of colors and drawings, very nice but maybe very bad.

Are we aware of us, mothers and fathers, that prepared foods aimed at children, can be the most beautiful but sadly they are also the least healthy? Because those responsible for buying them and taking them home, we are us, so, yes, we should have it very in account when placing them in the shopping bag.

A study published in 2008 indicated that 89% of foods aimed at children which were analyzed, could be described as “poor nutritional quality” on the go loaded in its composition of sugar, salt or fat.

Taking into account that only examined food targeted at children, but outside of the category of “junk food” (scones, industrial, soft drinks, snacks, fatty or salty and “sweet”).

90% of the breakfast cereals aimed at children were analyzed, they had such a high sugar content that nutritionally they were of poor quality.

Only 1% of the test foods were fruits and vegetables, namely apple, chopped and carrots, because this type of foods are actually healthy were often not directed in a way attractive to children.

Most outrageous, perhaps, is that 63% of the “food fun” aimed at children, carried the tagline of any such health related statements on the packaging, which is logical taking into account that we are the adults reassured our consciousness as we read this message when we buy this kind of products to our children while in the background we are not so convinced of its alleged benefits.

According to experts, it is likely that between 70 and 160 kilo-calories “more” in the daily diet of our children, are involved in the origin of the obesity that they are suffering from children.

Taking measures

If we adults are the ones responsible for what goes in our pantry, we are also the first that we must take action. Children can not decide what is purchased and what is eaten at home, we cannot educate you if you allow him to do so don't you think?

Let us not forget that we are his example in everything and the food, also what we are. We do not recommend that you eat healthy if we don't come to us to eat healthy products.

The breakfast is very important and sometimes the rush and the nerves that make no time for breakfast, and are resolved by sounding the alarm ten minutes before. And once we have time to eat breakfast, it is interesting to introduce foods such as oats do you know her?do you have ever tried?

Why not go back to the sandwich of a lifetime for the breakfast of the playground for our children or for the afternoon snack after-school, to replenish forces of truth and so much more healthy.

Mounted a small vegetable garden at home. It is clear that children (and adults) learn best when they participate actively in the experience. They will learn to eat their own fresh and natural products.

To see a movie and peck at something, maybe we could leave aside the prepared products and ready meals, and allow you take your place healthy products and snacks prepared at home, among all.

Maybe "back to school" it is time that all of us new and good nutritional guidelines and let's get more and more into our pantry foods fresh and natural, and less, much less, processed food as "attractive" as a negative for the health of our own children.

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