Cut the nails to the children is one of those terrible things that parents must do for their image, and avoid accumulate dirt and decrease the risk of smashed, too the face and the smashed, too to us.

And I say terrible because it does not leave, at least when they are small, and it becomes a torture to them, and from them to us. Until one day they are going to cut (does not happen to all parents, but some), and you realize that there are three or four nails that are already very cortical: "But son, are you biting down? Do you not know what are the four major consequences?".

1. Increased risk of infections

The nails, such as distal part of hands with space to accommodate dirt, they become a possible source of infection several if they end up in the mouth. Some children, accustomed to bite fingernails, they end up seeing it also as a valid option biting the nails of the feet, in an event that a few parents kept the stomach in your site.

2. Risk of infection together with the same nails

If in the irregular process of biting the nails are left a beak with which they may be nailed to the skin as it grows the nail, or any wound, increases the risk of causing a paronychia. This condition consists of redness and swelling of an area next to the nail, which can be filled with pus, very painful and annoying.

3. Risk of dental pathology

If you bite your nails during a short time is unlikely to happen, but if it becomes a habit, repetitive and constant in time, it may happen that the teeth move out of place, and even that some of the teeth erosion of the area that repeatedly comes in contact with the nail.

4. Pain if you bite more than what they should

In the event that you bite the nails as a habit is repetitive, it can happen that bite even when they don't have anything to bite into. Once you have finished with the edge of the nail bed (the soft), only it is the plate of your nail (the part that is attached to the finger), and there are children who are still out there to be damage, leaving the toe without that part of protection and being a few days (until re-growth of the nail) with pain when you do certain things with the hands.

And what to do if you bite your nails?

If you've just read all this and you have decided that your child is not going to bite off more fingernails, and what are you going to remedy, then you must know that there are some tips that can be followed to get it, or at least to try:

Explain why it is better not to bite: the first thing is that you know why you're going to have an impact on that stop nail biting, so you have to explain to you the risks of nail biting.
Try to know the reason for that is the bite: if it is anxiety, whether it is by boredom, if it is for... to go to the root of the problem and will try to give solution. If we get a child to have a calmer environment, maybe they bite less; if it is busy, you may not think about them; etc.

Not be very severe: nail biting is a voluntary act that often becomes a routine almost involuntary (and often remind them that they are biting and are surprised themselves when they realize that what they are doing). Given that they usually do for anxiety, it is best not to scold or punish, because that would make them even more nervous. It is worthwhile for the process to be quiet and that they are part of the decision to stop the habit.

Avoid putting liquid or strips: unless we ask for them to help them in the process. If they still felt the need to do so, and they put something, they may think that we are punishing and again increase your nervousness. Try to reframe this way of channeling your anxiety by changing the environment: eliminating stress, helping them to sleep well so that by the day not to have dream, allowing them to play and run so they are not in the house with energy to burn, etc, and if you are still nervous, do with them what activity could help them to regain a little calm.

Let it grow a nail: if the thing is extended, or if it costs too much, you can try to get to a compact intermediate, such as leaving a nail without biting, until he grows up. Once you get them, appreciate the effort that has entailed, to let you know that we are proud of them, and allow him to choose what will be the next nail that will grow.

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