Do you remember that time in the institute in which the girls of the same group behaved in a similar way? Do you remember that the guys also had similar behaviors? The peer group gained more strength than ever, and when one undertook any action, or took any decision, had effect magnet and some made the same decision, emboldened by what was begun by the first.

Well, something similar happens with the pregnancy, so that when a woman becomes pregnant, the women in your environment have more chance of getting pregnant also. There are those who will say that it is a matter of logic of age, however, the studies confirm it: the pregnancy is "contagious".

Pregnancy spreads... by imitation

Already in 2012 we talked about it, mentioning a study that came to that conclusion. This study was carried out at the German University of Bamberg, where they analyzed the behavior of 42,000 women 7,600 companies. The study observed that during the year following the pregnancy of a worker was twice as high as the possibility that their workmates were also pregnant.

The explanation given by the researchers was that, when you see a woman, partner or friend, pregnant or already with her baby, other women experience the desire to be a mother and see an increase in their self-confidence in their abilities to be.

Another study published in 2014 reached a similar conclusion by observing the interactions of 1,700 women for 15 years, from 15 to 30 years of age.

They saw that having a child (or not have), concerned largely with what made the friends of every woman. Something similar happened at the time of deciding to have sex, to engage with a trade union, to use birth control or decide to abort a baby. If a did something of this, women in their environment were more likely to do the same.

Thus, in the situation that concerns us, that of being a mother, they saw that when a woman had a baby the probability of her friends, they also had a baby multiplied by two in a term of about two years. After these two years, the chance came to go down.

A question of trust

The researchers concluded, as we have already mentioned, that when a vital decision is linked to moments of uncertainty, when there are many factors associated with this decision, many issues that value, the fact of seeing someone you know to take the step encourages other to do so also.

We, the seeing other women close to being mothers can get you to do that you will feel able to become mothers at that particular time of their lives.

Do you have that feeling? Do you feel that being mothers other friends were also as a result?

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