There is probably nothing more comforting to a baby than to feel her mother near. To know that she is with them gives them the strength and serenity necessary to develop in a positive manner to feel safe and secure in a new world.

A recent study measured the long-term effects of skin to skin contact or the famous Kangaroo in premature babies, from the first weeks of life until you have fulfilled 20 years of age and obtained fascinating results.

The long-term benefits of the Method Kangaroo

It was found that the babies who experienced this contact is so important during their early weeks of life had an iq significantly higher, as well as larger areas of gray matter and even had higher wages in their jobs that those babies who were not.

Similarly, the children showed less tendency to hyperactivity, in addition to being less likely to experience school absences.

Although this study was conducted only in pretender infants, a previous study on babies that came to term shows similar results. The infants of full-term pregnancies who had skin to skin contact during the first days of born had better stability, cardiorespiratory, greater duration to be breastfed and cried less.

What is the Method that Kangaroo?

This method, which is recommended initially for premature babies but is practiced increasingly in all babies regardless of whether they arrived by 40 weeks or not, is to simply place your baby on your chest, leaving him with only a diaper so that they have skin to skin contact.

It is a practice very simple but with many benefits and as we can read on the studies mentioned in this article, cause a great impact on the future of the babies, helping them to develop better in the intellectual and emotional.

Its benefits in premature infants

As you commented, this method began to be recommended in premature infants as a complement of the incubator due to the need for them to continue guardhouse for a time after birth.

To be the premature babies in skin to skin contact with his mother, helps them to decrease stress and adapt better to external stimuli, in addition to achieve feel more secure, especially during the tests and studies that we do during the time they remain in the hospital.

The method kangaroo also helps all the babies in the aspect affective, as it helps to form an early attachment between the baby and mom/dad, the closeness that this contact provides makes you feel safe and secure in the arms of their parents.

Breastfeeding: a benefit most from the Method Kangaroo

In addition to the benefits of the method kangaroo, long-term have been able to show thanks to these new studies, the skin to skin contact helps to promote breastfeeding from birth.

To be stuck with the mom more time, breastfeeding becomes easier and you can do more practice, because that, being in frequent contact with the baby the number of shots increases and extends its duration, so that the babies receive all of the benefits of breast milk to be breastfed longer.

Also, dad can do skin to skin contact

Although normally the Method Kangaroo focuses on the mother, also dad can practice it and help the baby to enjoy its benefits. When you have skin to skin contact father and son also helps them to develop an emotional bond more strong, and a bond of love and affection like no other.

Some time ago was sharing in networks the photo of a father and his eldest son practicing the method kangaroo with his two brothers, newly born, without a doubt, a beautiful way for dad to participate and the older brother to more readily adapt to the arrival of the brothers without feeling excluded.

So now you know, to practice the method kangaroo and hold close to our babies, the benefits are great and without doubt a gift for them that has no price.

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