During this stage children begin to explore the world around them, they run, they climb on the furniture, they begin to ride a tricycle or bike; they relate with their peers, beyond the street and is lost from your sight without notes. In addition, begin to have more freedom. It is very important that I transmit good instructions, you can accept, and you to protect them.

Careful with the places or games risky

You must be aware of the children's games, see where they like to be to avoid having to hand dangerous objects that attract attention, such as deep holes, water wells, construction site, landfills, transportation with wheels or furniture into disuse.

Eye with pet

Do not let your child to touch animals they do not know. You must teach him that you should not disturb the animals; especially when they eat. Remember that the animal is more tender-you can bite if you bother him. In the same way, teach that to animals they should be waking up gently.

The outside of the house

If you buy a bike, you should be in agreement with your port, and watch that no exit to the street. If they go for a walk in the car, and your child weighs less than 20 pounds, must use a wheelchair to children in the rear seat. If it is larger you should always use the safety belt in the back seat.
Poisons and dangerous objects

Save with key everything that can be eaten as medicine, derived from oil and any toxic fluid in its original bottle. Leave the matches out of their reach, as well as the tools and electric instruments.


Take time to instruct your little one to use of good way the tools, the kitchen utensils and detergents or other cleaning products. You should talk to him about the dangers related to fire, water, cars, etc, You may teach him to swim and to cross always the street taken from your hand, respecting the traffic lights.

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